Validoc The Software For Graphical And Pdf Printouts On Iseries Systems

Validoc,​ the​ software for graphical and PDF printouts on​ iSeries systems.
Validoc is​ a​ software for iSeries (AS/400) systems able to​ apply several graphical enhancements to​ the​ standard output by adding graphics,​ fonts and making a​ remapping of​ the​ print output .​
Validoc allows you​ to​ convert graphical print output into a​ PC format,​ such as​ PDF,​ TIFF,​ TXT and many more .​
It is​ possible to​ automatically manage the​ storage of​ the​ resulting files on​ a​ LAN and schedule their transmission through fax and e-mail.
It can be seamlessly integrated with your existing software without any modification,​ no matter if​ it​ is​ a​ simple accounting package or​ a​ full featured E.R.P.,​ reducing thus set-up costs and streamlining your workflow.
Validoc has been entirely developed (and is​ fully supported) by RECORD Informatica and has an​ Italian user interface .​
The software is​ actually split into two integrated sub-systems .​
The main one,​ which handles the​ printing spools,​ is​ installed on​ the​ iSeries machine; while the​ document transformation engine and the​ fax and mail engines work on​ any common PC.
System requirements
Validoc ensures full compliance with standard pc formats.
The mailing functions work with any standard SMTP mail server.
Fax functions require a​ standard asynchronous modem supporting fax functions.
As regards the​ PC side,​ it​ works on​ any Microsoft Windows version,​ while the​ document transformation engine,​ the​ fax and e-mail functions operate on​ Windows NT,​ Windows 2000 and XP.
The iSeries components can be installed on​ the​ software release V4R2M0 or​ later.
The print output can be handled by any laser printer supporting the​ PCL5 language,​ which is​ a​ de-facto standard for any printer built in​ recent years .​
The iSeries components stay silent and idle while waiting for documents to​ be processed .​
This avoids the​ common problem of​ CPU overhead caused by pooling on​ the​ printing queues,​ as​ most competitors’ software do.
The user interface is​ designed to​ be both simple and effective so that a​ novice user can become proficient quickly and unleash the​ full power of​ the​ system without specific training .​
Validoc follows the​ growth of​ your company,​ with a​ license system modelled upon the​ IBM iSeries pricing system .​
Therefore each company will take advantage from the​ software at​ a​ price proportional to​ its size.
We always configure Validoc considering actual customer needs,​ evaluated individually .​
At any time it​ is​ possible to​ add further modules to​ the​ installed configuration.
The modules can enable functions such as​ spool processing,​ graphical enhancements,​ font formatting,​ file format conversion (to standard PC formats such as​ PDF or​ TIFF),​ automatic categorisation and filing of​ documents on​ the​ customer’s lan,​ mailing and faxing and data processing on​ Excel documents. .​
Data and images are processed on​ the​ iSeries,​ whose reliability is​ well known .​
It is​ possible to​ setup an​ authorisation system to​ grant or​ deny to​ specific users the​ right to​ open the​ produced documents .​
The documents saved on​ LAN folders before mailing or​ faxing are always zipped and password protected to​ avoid unauthorised opening of​ the​ files .​

Validoc is​ developed by:
Record Informatica srl
Baluardo a​ .​
La Marmora,​ 2 – 28100 Novara (NO)
Tel .​
0321611208 – Fax 0321684170
Valodic: gestione spool di stampa su as400
Key advantages
VALIDOC grants you​ several benefits,​ among them we point out the​ following:
1) Use a​ single paper format
Each company usually needs several different paper formats,​ such as​ wide easy reading paper,​ pre-printed forms for invoices,​ customised A4 paper with logo and company headers used for mailing and so on.
All these paper formats can be easily substituted by standard A4 paper .​
Validoc can add all the​ graphical elements which are pre-printed on​ the​ traditional approach .​
It allows using any available font and formatting and it​ enhances the​ final result delivering laser-printer quality .​
The advantages of​ using a​ single paper format are manifold,​ and involve filing in​ standardised folders,​ simpler mailing,​ standardised paper handling,​ easier storage in​ the​ company archives,​ no more risk of​ running out of​ stock of​ a​ kind of​ paper and an​ overall saving in​ paper costs.
2) Modify your pre-printed forms without the​ intervention of​ a​ typography
Several events require an​ editing of​ the​ standard forms for several kinds of​ documents .​
Think about changes to​ be made to​ text printed to​ meet legal requirements,​ new data to​ be printed both in​ internal or​ external documents,​ custom text and graphics to​ be used just in​ some cases of​ for a​ limited amount of​ time,​ special conditional formatting to​ be applied just on​ some documents and many more cases.
When using pre-printed forms all this means that you​ have to​ buy several different kinds of​ forms,​ you​ must handle all the​ stocks,​ sustain both the​ risk of​ shortage and the​ cost of​ unused (and unusable) stocks and so on.
Moreover there is​ a​ work time overhead since the​ paper handling is​ longer,​ more complex,​ less flexible,​ and ultimately not cost-effective and more error-prone.
All these problems are gone when using a​ single paper format.
3) No more paper change on​ the​ printer
Using pre-printed paper you​ must handle several paper changes on​ the​ printers .​
This means the​ people waste time changing paper formats,​ there are overheads due to​ errors in​ loading the​ wrong paper format or​ mistakes in​ handling the​ print queue,​ there is​ the​ need to​ ask other people to​ pause printing while you​ load a​ specific paper format and so on.
The bottom line is​ that printing takes more time,​ is​ less efficient,​ and all this means more costs.
Using Validoc instead printing is​ a​ launch and forget process,​ you​ do not have to​ worry about the​ kind of​ paper loaded,​ manage the​ print queue,​ ask to​ other people to​ wait for printing when you​ load your paper format,​ you​ do not have to​ search for that paper format .​
You do your job .​
Validoc delivers you​ your document properly printed .​
4) Better printing quality
Validoc allows the​ usage of​ standardised forms for any printing task,​ even the​ ones that usually are not form-based since handling pre-printed paper for any kind of​ document would be too expensive.
Standardised and cost-effective printing allows better communications,​ reduces errors,​ and simplifies the​ filing of​ information.
Moreover the​ produced documents have laser printer quality,​ improving the​ overall readability of​ the​ documents and the​ quality of​ faxes.
5) Streamlined workflow for printing,​ e-mailing and faxing iSeries documents.
Validoc is​ an​ integrated software able to​ handle the​ whole document processing,​ from creation to​ format conversion,​ storage and transmission .​
This means that it​ is​ possible to​ save a​ considerable amount of​ time,​ achieving a​ higher quality result! Let Validoc handle the​ document life cycle and stop waiting for that fax transmission receipt .​
Validoc is​ an​ investment that pays itself quickly thanks to​ the​ improvements in​ your company processes and immediate savings on​ documents handling operations.
6) Easy access to​ iSeries documents stored in​ your network .​
It is​ possible to​ turn simply and quickly and printout produced by Validoc into PDF and Tiff format,​ without any loss of​ information and formatting.
It is​ therefore possible to​ organise your storage automatically .​
You can instruct Validoc (through a​ simple configuration process) to​ save all the​ documents of​ a​ specific type,​ say orders,​ in​ a​ dedicated folder,​ filing them in​ appropriate subfolders organised by year,​ or​ by supplier,​ or​ by region,​ or​ by category of​ items ordered or​ whatever criteria you​ think is​ appropriate .​
Validoc handles the​ folders and subdfolders to​ allow several criteria to​ be applied at​ the​ same time .​
It handles as​ well proper file naming accordingly with user-defined criteria.
All this happens automatically whenever you​ print a​ document.
7) Mailing savings
In recent years poste Italiane developed a​ successful service called Postel .​
The aim of​ this service is​ to​ reduce costs related to​ printing,​ envelopes handling,​ stamping and other mailing-related operations.
Validoc can handle the​ whole process that starts with the​ print command and can take different routes: fax or​ e-mail or​ traditional mailing or​ direct integration with Postel services or​ any combination of​ these options.
For each document to​ be transmitted you​ can decide with a​ single command which route it​ must be directed to,​ whether it​ is​ the​ inexpensive e-mail,​ the​ cheap fax or​ the​ old,​ expensive but sometimes still necessary paper mail the​ decision is​ up to​ you​ .​
But once the​ decision is​ taken Validoc handles the​ whole process and delivers the​ document to​ the​ proper interface without further user intervention .​
Validoc modules.
VALIDOC has 5 distinct modules: Printing,​ Extract,​ PDF-Tiff,​ E-mail and Fax.
We will now point out some key point for each of​ them.
This module adds to​ iSeries printing graphical layouts,​ being therefore able to​ make multiple copies printing of​ orders,​ DDT,​ production documents and so on​ .​
The graphical layouts can be created with any Windows-based graphical software; they are then imported into the​ iSeries and dynamically integrated in​ the​ printed documents .​
This module converts the​ fonts,​ the​ styles,​ the​ size (both LPI and CPI); it​ can operate on​ the​ whole document or​ just a​ part of​ it .​
Moreover the​ module can be used to​ print bar-coded labels,​ even using printers that do not support them natively .​
It is​ possible to​ remap the​ printout,​ that is​ redefine its contents (by adding variable or​ constant text,​ omitting some parts,​ copying data from different portions of​ the​ document,​ automatically number pages (also in​ the​ format page x of​ Y).
All this can be configured and differentiated for different copies of​ the​ document .​
The configuration is​ performed directly on​ the​ iSeries and uses a​ graphical preview to​ show how the​ document will look like.
Moreover it​ is​ possible to​ setup several conditions to​ apply automatic formatting parameters .​
Conditions can be based upon the​ contents of​ the​ document itself,​ external data,​ exit values provided by external programs,​ user data,​ queues,​ module-related information,​ number of​ the​ copy and many more .​
The same set of​ conditional formatting options are supported by all the​ 5 modules of​ validoc.
Format conversion module
This module converts the​ output of​ the​ printing module (both text and graphics) into standard PDF or​ TIFF files .​
It can automatically divide a​ single spool into different files,​ accordingly with several user-defined parameters .​
The output files are automatically saved on​ your server taking advantage of​ the​ full support to​ the​ filing and folder managing rules defined in​ the​ system to​ automatically build and keep up to​ date a​ hierarchy of​ folders.
This module substitutes all the​ classical shipping systems such as​ mail and postel .​
The module can send PDF,​ TIFF or​ TXT documents produced by other Validoc modules as​ an​ e-mail attachment .​
It works fully automatically and follows all the​ formatting and shipping rules defined into the​ Validoc system .​
This module allows faxing of​ graphical files produced by other Validoc modules .​
It has all the​ functions you​ can expect form a​ full-featured fax software,​ such as​ automatic fax sending,​ ability to​ create different cover pages accordingly with several parameters,​ ability to​ select which version of​ a​ document must be sent,​ ability to​ divide in​ different fax sessions the​ documents contained into a​ single spool file,​ configurable scheduling,​ automatic management of​ retrial should a​ transmission problem arise and so on.
You do not need external faxing programs any more,​ such as​ WinFax and ZetaFax .​
The fax modules (as well as​ the​ e-mail module) operate on​ the​ PC side and they both provide a​ convenient user interface to​ filter and manage any transmission status and information so that it​ is​ possible to​ have with a​ few clicks an​ overview of​ the​ shipping progress and of​ any transmission problem.
This iSeries-based module allows structured extraction of​ data from printings .​
It is​ possible to​ extract portions of​ the​ documents and send them to​ a​ receiving service on​ the​ iSeries or​ on​ a​ pc file in​ excel format .​
This allows further data manipulation,​ such as​ queries and statistics on​ the​ extracted data .​
This module can operate even without the​ support of​ an​ EDP manager and in​ those environments in​ which it​ is​ not possible to​ modify the​ installed software.

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