Usps Click N Ship Software Provides Free Delivery Confirmation

USPS Click-N-Ship Software Provides Free Delivery Confirmation
Gone are the​ days of​ having to​ stand in​ line at​ the​ post office just to​ mail a​ package .​
These days,​ thanks to​ the​ advancement of​ the​ internet and technology,​ postal customers can now print postage from the​ convenience of​ their own home .​
Using a​ standard printer,​ along with USPS Click-N-Ship software,​ consumers can print shipping labels,​ postage stamps and even delivery confirmation numbers.
Many individuals,​ who make their living at​ online auction sites,​ are constantly in​ need of​ additional convenience relating to​ mailing and expenses .​
the​ software,​ which installs quickly,​ is​ one way to​ save shippers a​ bundle of​ time by allowing them to​ print postage directly from their printer .​
Using standard typing paper,​ the​ software enables the​ shipper to​ print a​ complete label featuring the​ return address,​ shipping address,​ barcode and a​ delivery confirmation.
Widely promoted as​ being a​ shipping convenience,​ the​ Click-N-Ship software often goes unrecognized for one of​ it’s best features .​
If purchased at​ the​ post office,​ delivery confirmation is​ $0.45 per package but,​ with Click-N-Ship,​ it’s free .​
Consider mailing 100 packages per month with delivery confirmation .​
At the​ post office,​ customers would pay $45.00 but,​ with the​ software,​ they save that amount of​ money .​
Over time,​ free delivery confirmation can add up to​ a​ bundle of​ cash and,​ if​ shipping is​ your business,​ it​ pays to​ save wherever possible .​
Before mailing the​ packages with delivery confirmation,​ it​ may be a​ good idea to​ keep a​ record of​ each shipment and it’s corresponding tracking number .​
This will be very beneficial to​ any shipper who may later need to​ provide proof of​ shipment.
In order to​ properly use the​ Click-N-Ship software,​ customers must have some idea as​ to​ the​ weight of​ their package .​
Therefore,​ it​ may be a​ good investment to​ purchase a​ portable postage scale .​
in​ addition,​ customers will be prompted for the​ dimensions of​ their package prior to​ obtaining a​ total .​
With Click-N-Ship software,​ customers pay for their postage online before being able to​ print any labels .​
This eliminates the​ need to​ stand in​ line at​ the​ post office because the​ postage has already been calculated,​ printed and affixed to​ each package .​
in​ fact,​ many shippers simply take a​ box full of​ packages for mailing,​ which have been postage-paid using the​ Click-N-Ship software,​ into their post office and leave them for later processing .​

The USPS Click-N-Ship software is​ available for free download at​ or​ included on​ selected AOL software CDs as​ a​ bonus .​
Otherwise,​ customers may be able to​ ask their postmaster for additional information on​ obtaining a​ copy of​ the​ Click-N-Ship software.

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