Using Your Ipod As An External Hard Disk

Using Your iPod As An External Hard Disk
IPods are all the​ rage nowadays,​ the​ whole population is​ mesmerized by IPods .​
IPods allow people to​ listen to​ their music on​ the​ move,​ and even watch videos .​
IPods are capable of​ doing many different things they can store files,​ play music,​ play videos,​ and even display pictures .​
It’s quite a​ simple idea it’s a​ miniature storage system with a​ screen,​ it​ includes video and audio capable hardware and software.
You can load files onto your IPod,​ take it​ to​ work with you and then load them onto your work computer .​
It’s especially useful for backing up sensitive data .​
Removable hard drives are great,​ but one could get stolen,​ and they’re so big! But you carry your IPod everywhere with you! You can take backups of​ all your precious files wherever you go.
If you change the​ settings on​ your IPod to​ use I-Tunes and use the​ matching software then you can easily transfer files to​ your IPod just by dragging and dropping them.
Regular Setup
You should of​ already installed the​ I-Tunes software,​ as​ soon as​ you connect your IPod the​ I-Tunes software window pops up as​ if​ by magic .​
Simply click the​ IPods icon in​ the​ source list,​ and then click on​ the​ options tab.
If the​ IPod is​ setup correctly then it​ will store the​ files wherever you tell it​ to​ store them,​ and it​ will manage all songs manually .​
You need to​ use the​ settings to​ synchronize your files,​ you can see if​ this has been completed properly by looking at​ the​ preferences window on​ the​ IPods screen.
Shuffle setup
The Shuffle is​ apple’s MP3 solid state player solution,​ the​ storage is​ no where near that of​ the​ other full sized and mini iPods,​ so you are unable to​ store anywhere near as​ much .​
You must assign space on​ your shuffle for use by files and then music files are not allowed to​ occupy this space .​
Use the​ I-Tunes software to​ set up storage limits.
Open the​ I-Tunes window,​ click the​ icon with the​ IPod picture and click options .​
Look at​ the​ Enable Disc Usage area,​ and use the​ sliders to​ change the​ space allocation.
Copy to​ and from
Copying files to​ your IPod is​ a​ cinch you just drag the​ files using your mouse and drop them on​ the​ IPod icon .​
This icon is​ in​ my computer whenever your iPod is​ connected to​ your computer .​
You can copy your files to​ any device that is​ compatible with the​ IPod which is​ pretty much any computer!
If you ever upgrade your computer,​ you can use your IPod to​ transfer the​ I-tunes library from your old computer to​ the​ new one.

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