Using Off Line Marketing To Promote Your Website

Using Off Line Marketing To Promote Your Website

Using Off-Line Marketing to​ Promote Your Website
Most of​ the​ Internet Marketers seem to​ think of​ website promotion as​ just submitting to​ search engines,​ directories,​ link building and advertising in​ ezines or​ banner exchanges .​
It is​ a​ known fact that most people in​ the​ world use most of​ their time off-line .​
They read newspapers,​ magazines,​ listen to​ radio and watch TV,​ talk with their friends,​ neighbors and family .​
Not all the​ time is​ spent surfing on​ the​ internet .​
To ignore the​ value of​ off-line marketing is​ to​ leave 65-70% of​ the​ money to​ be made from your websites on​ the​ table .​
Some suggestions for creating an​ off-line advertising/publicity campaign are :
Let your local papers know that you​ have an​ unique product that will benefit the​ local community and you​ are able to​ help them save time,​ learn more and be more effective in​ their daily lives .​
This could lead to​ an​ interview with a​ local reporter or​ even with a​ national with your website product as​ a​ featured item and will drive people to​ at​ least see what the​ buzz is​ about .​
At the​ very least it​ will create an​ awareness of​ your domain name or​ product in​ their sub-conscience mind .​
Try finding a​ local business that is​ related to​ your product and offer them a​ discount voucher to​ give their customers for your product .​
Take out small ads in​ local or​ niche magazines to​ advertise the​ product .​
Some ads are relatively cheap comparable to​ a​ solo ad in​ a​ main ezine .​
Try handing out flyers with a​ special offer in​ the​ high street or​ find shops that would allow you​ to​ leave them on​ the​ counter for customers to​ pick up .​
Try sending a​ fax broadcast to​ businesses that could benefit from your product .​
Some companies have lists of​ fax numbers and can send out the​ fax for as​ little as​ interview each .​
If you​ can develop an​ unique twist or​ benefit of​ your product or​ service,​ then you​ could become newsworthy and even get an​ interview with a​ local reporter,​ who can write a​ better article than any you​ could put together for their readers or​ listeners .​
Investigate the​ possibility of​ sending out Press Releases to​ the​ local media .​
Send them your product for review .​
Get a​ well known celebrity to​ endorse your product .​
I am sure you​ can think of​ many other ways to​ use off-line marketing,​ other than sticking notes on​ lamp-posts to​ create an​ awareness of​ your site .​
Good luck

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