Using The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Your Desires

Using The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Your Desires

There is​ all the​ hype these days about the​ Law of​ Attraction and the​ process of​ manifesting your desires into your life. Basically the​ key to​ this law is​ that you will manifest whatever you desire. There are several contingencies that come into play when you want to​ manifest your desire. First you must be very clear about what you want. Your desire should be written out,​ for in​ writing it​ you will be able to​ be more specific and as​ you write you will get more clarity. if​ for instance you desire a​ lot of​ money or​ a​ certain car,​ you much be clear on​ how much money or​ what type of​ car,​ color and include as​ many details as​ possible. It’s like a​ target,​ you need to​ know what you are aiming your attention towards. You must also make sure that you know the​ feeling of​ what your desire will bring you. it​ is​ in​ the​ feeling,​ the​ emotional feeling that will assist you to​ work with the​ universe to​ attract or​ manifest what you want. This is​ also important because if​ you do not know how you will feel when you receive the​ car or​ the​ relationship you may get what your desire but still be unhappy. the​ feeling is​ very important for it​ is​ that energy that attracts your desire through the​ universe.

The other element that plays a​ major role in​ attracting your desire is​ your belief. we​ have beliefs based upon experiences in​ our lives. we​ experience an​ event,​ we​ perceive what happens and then we​ come up with an​ explanation of​ what the​ event means. Two people can witness the​ same event and had two totally different experiences of​ what happened based on​ their perception. Usually the​ event carries along with it​ an​ emotional feeling. This emotional feeling sets the​ belief within our being at​ a​ cellular level.

We have so many beliefs,​ some that serve us and other that do not. the​ thing about beliefs is​ that many are unconscious habits of​ doing and thinking which operate on​ a​ sub-conscious level. if​ your beliefs,​ either conscious or​ unconscious,​ do not align with your desires,​ chances are that you will not attract what you desire or​ you will have to​ work much harder at​ getting what you desire.

The final step in​ manifesting your desire is​ to​ let go. Yes,​ let go of​ the​ emotional connect to​ what you desire and let the​ universe deliver it​ to​ you. This is​ a​ tricky part. Because it​ has been said “ask and it​ is​ given” you expect this to​ happen right away. if​ you don’t see what you have asked for right away you may doubt that it​ will work. Many times our desires show up when we​ get busy working on​ other things in​ our lives and take our minds off that desire for a​ short period of​ time. When we​ do this our desires magically shows up in​ our lives.

As stated in​ Quantum Physics,​ as​ you observe something that which you observe will react to​ your observation. So if​ you are watching and holding onto what you desire too strongly it​ may prevent that from manifesting into your life.

So in​ conclusion the​ Law of​ Attraction goes like this. First you ask for that which you desire and get clear. Second the​ universe will do its magic to​ deliver it​ to​ you and thirdly you must let go and allow yourself to​ receive it. the​ Law of​ Attraction or​ the​ manifestation process is​ a​ law that works all the​ time whether for the​ good or​ bad,​ so watch your thoughts and feeling and make sure you let go and receive.

Using The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Your Desires

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