Using Age Verification Software In Your Business

Using Age Verification Software in​ Your Business
There are many reasons you​ might need to​ know the​ age of​ people who are frequenting your business .​
Maybe you​ run a​ nightclub and only want people over the​ age of​ 21 to​ be admitted .​
Or you​ could own a​ shop that sells cigarettes,​ or​ a​ restaurant that serves alcohol .​
Whatever the​ reason you​ need to​ verify a​ person's age,​ you​ know that it​ is​ important to​ do so .​
As a​ conscientious business owner you​ don't want to​ sell to​ minors,​ and the​ fines and penalties can be heavy if​ you​ are caught .​
But checking the​ identification of​ every patron and doing the​ math to​ make sure they are the​ right age can be time consuming .​
That's where electronic age verification software comes in​ .​
Age verification software is​ built into a​ device that looks like a​ credit card scanner .​
The device reads the​ barcode or​ magnetic strip that is​ built into the​ patron's driver's license or​ state identification card .​
When you​ swipe their identification card,​ you​ will be told immediately if​ this person is​ the​ proper age to​ buy tobacco or​ alcohol or​ for whatever other reason you​ might need to​ know their age .​
This eliminates the​ need for someone to​ physically examine the​ identification card and makes it​ quick and easy for you​ to​ grant access to​ people who are of​ age .​
Electronic age verification equipment can often be obtained from the​ same company that provides your credit card transaction equipment .​
It is​ no more difficult to​ use one of​ these devices than it​ is​ to​ swipe a​ credit card,​ so you​ can start using age verification in​ your business with minimal staff training .​
A study from Brandeis University looked at​ the​ effectiveness of​ using electronic age verification hardware and found that customers were not uncomfortable with swiping their IDs .​
Staff who used the​ equipment said they were generally happy with it​ as​ well .​
Getting into the​ habit of​ using the​ machines seemed to​ be the​ biggest problem,​ but once you​ get used to​ having the​ machine available you​ will be more likely to​ use it​ since it​ is​ a​ simple method of​ verifying age .​
Adding electronic age verification is​ an​ easy way to​ ensure that you're not running afoul of​ the​ law by selling items to​ minors that they should not have access to​ .​
Getting one of​ these machines and using it​ faithfully should help you​ rest easy that you're not going to​ get in​ trouble for selling to​ minors .​
It's also a​ great way to​ get positive publicity in​ your community because you​ can prove you're checking people's identifications in​ the​ most high-tech way possible.

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