Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Outstanding Results

Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Outstanding Results

If you have gone about your life feeling frustrated,​ angry and stuck you can transform this lower feelings and move into an​ outrageous state of​ joy and hopefulness and begin to​ attract greater circumstances.

The law of​ attraction states that like attracts like. That simply means if​ you are feeling stuck and hopeless you will continue to​ attract more circumstances that bring about hopelessness.

One of​ the​ fastest ways to​ get the​ law of​ attraction to​ work for you is​ to​ take a​ period of​ time and do nothing more than find the​ things which bring you outrageous joy. Forget about wanting a​ new car or​ more money. Focus most on​ being joyful.

1) Make a​ list of​ all the​ things which make you completely happy. Then go out and do it. See if​ you can fill an​ entire week of​ your free time with activities that are fun and emotionally rewarding to​ you.

2) Get a​ journal – Every night before bed write out your feels about the​ way you spent your day. Make a​ point to​ express how you felt. Your feelings are extremely important because they inform the​ law of​ attraction as​ to​ your present vibration.

3) Each day search out activities that you may have wished to​ try but never got around to​ doing them. the​ more new and fun activities that you engage in​ the​ more expanded you will feel. You will naturally move into a​ higher more expanded state. New activities open up your inner being much more than activities that you have become too familiar with. When you are in​ a​ new environment you easily move into a​ more aware and open state.

By the​ end of​ the​ week you will be a​ change in​ your own personal energy. Now you can begin to​ think more about what you would like to​ manifest in​ your life. Be clear about your desire and allow the​ law of​ attraction to​ go to​ work to​ do wonders in​ brining about your desires.

To best apply the​ law of​ attraction you should be in​ a​ state of​ joy and openness. as​ you go through your daily activities you may not be aware of​ it​ but you do shut down. Everything becomes routine and you easily hold on​ to​ old thought patterns.

As you change your routine and open up you begin to​ see some amazing changes and your ability to​ master the​ law of​ attraction techniques will be greatly enhanced.

Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Outstanding Results

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