Unlocking The Lsat The Gateway To Law School

Unlocking The Lsat The Gateway To Law School

Which LSAT Prep Courses and LSAT Study Guides Are Best?

If you haven’t already taken the​ LSAT,​ follow these steps and you’ll be well on​ your way to​ increasing your LSAT score by 10+ points.

I get asked this question about courses and study guides nearly every day! Let’s start with the​ basics. First,​ go to​ IvyLeagueAdmission.com’s page on​ LSAT prep. Take a​ free practice test. This will give you a​ feel for where your at. if​ your disappointed with your low,​ bad or​ average LSAT score,​ don’t fear. if​ you have at​ least 2 months before your scheduled to​ sit for the​ exam,​ you’ve left yourself with plenty of​ time to​ take one of​ Kaplan’s excellent prep courses for the​ LSAT.

If you can’t find a​ course locally based with Kaplan - take one of​ their online courses for LSAT preperation. Don’t worry about the​ cost - if​ you succeed and get into a​ top school the​ cost of​ the​ exam will seem like a​ drop in​ the​ bucket.

Commit yourself to​ a​ few hours of​ study each day. if​ necessary turn to​ Morrison Media’s LSAT Study Guide and Flashcards. For a​ few bucks you’ll be impressed how much these inexpensive tools can help you improve. So far,​ with just 2 months work we​ transformed you from Tier 3 or​ Tier 4 material to​ Tier 1 or​ Tier 2 materials for less than $1,​000 dollars. Your salary after graduating from a​ top school will more than repay this investment.

Finally,​ if​ your score is​ still below par. You still have one more chance. You’ll need to​ hit it​ out of​ the​ park on​ the​ application. Your references,​ personal statement,​ resume,​ etc. must be enticing. This is​ where I come in. My e-book,​ the​ 7 Secrets of​ Law School Admissions will guide you through these steps. You’ll find that admission at​ top schools is​ still possible. Plus,​ you get access to​ exciting bonus material like my bi-weekly newsletter,​ admissions teleseminar and more. What are you waiting for?

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