Unlocking The Lsat The Gateway To Law School

Which LSAT Prep Courses and LSAT Study Guides Are Best?

If you haven’t already taken the​ LSAT,​ follow these steps and you’ll be well on​ your way to​ increasing your LSAT score by 10+ points.

I get asked this question about courses and study guides nearly every day! Let’s start with the​ basics. First,​ go to​ IvyLeagueAdmission.com’s page on​ LSAT prep. Take a​ free practice test. This will give you a​ feel for where your at. if​ your disappointed with your low,​ bad or​ average LSAT score,​ don’t fear. if​ you have at​ least 2 months before your scheduled to​ sit for the​ exam,​ you’ve left yourself with plenty of​ time to​ take one of​ Kaplan’s excellent prep courses for the​ LSAT.

If you can’t find a​ course locally based with Kaplan - take one of​ their online courses for LSAT preperation. Don’t worry about the​ cost - if​ you succeed and get into a​ top school the​ cost of​ the​ exam will seem like a​ drop in​ the​ bucket.

Commit yourself to​ a​ few hours of​ study each day. if​ necessary turn to​ Morrison Media’s LSAT Study Guide and Flashcards. For a​ few bucks you’ll be impressed how much these inexpensive tools can help you improve. So far,​ with just 2 months work we​ transformed you from Tier 3 or​ Tier 4 material to​ Tier 1 or​ Tier 2 materials for less than $1,​000 dollars. Your salary after graduating from a​ top school will more than repay this investment.

Finally,​ if​ your score is​ still below par. You still have one more chance. You’ll need to​ hit it​ out of​ the​ park on​ the​ application. Your references,​ personal statement,​ resume,​ etc. must be enticing. This is​ where I come in. My e-book,​ the​ 7 Secrets of​ Law School Admissions will guide you through these steps. You’ll find that admission at​ top schools is​ still possible. Plus,​ you get access to​ exciting bonus material like my bi-weekly newsletter,​ admissions teleseminar and more. What are you waiting for?

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