Universal Law Series The Law Of Expectation

This is​ the​ fifth of​ seven articles in​ our continuing series covering the​ core seven Universal Laws. the​ focus of​ this article is​ the​ fifth Law – the​ Law of​ Expectations.

Law of​ Expectations

Simply stated,​ the​ Law of​ Expectations tells us that whatever one expects,​ with confidence,​ becomes a​ self-fulfilling prophecy. When one expects with confidence that good things will happen,​ they usually will. If,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ one expects a​ negative outcome to​ a​ situation,​ then the​ outcome will usually be negative.

Our expectations play a​ key role in​ our own outcomes and they also have a​ remarkable effect on​ the​ people around us. What we​ expect from those around us determines our attitude toward them more than any other factor. in​ turn,​ the​ people around us tend to​ reflect our attitudes right back at​ us - whether the​ expectations and attitudes are positive or​ negative,​ good or​ bad.

Dr. Robert Rosenthal of​ the​ University of​ California – Riverside,​ has spent more than 40 years studying the​ idea that one’s expectations for the​ behavior of​ another,​ can become a​ self-fulfilling prophecy. His years of​ experimentation show this to​ be true. in​ his landmark book,​ “Pygmalion in​ the​ Classroom”,​ Rosenthal tells of​ case after case where teachers were told that a​ student,​ or​ sometimes a​ whole class,​ was extremely bright and was predicted to​ make a​ quantum leap in​ academic performance in​ the​ coming year. Even though the​ students were randomly chosen from the​ school population at​ large,​ provided the​ teacher believed that the​ student or​ students were exceptional and expected them to​ excel,​ the​ students performed at​ much higher levels than other students in​ the​ same or​ similar classes,​ and vastly better than could have been predicted by previous grades or​ behavior.

The Arbinger Institute (http://www.arbinger.com) has published a​ terrific book called “Leadership and Self Deception – Getting out of​ the​ Box”. While the​ book focuses on​ developing superior leadership skills through being true to​ one’s self,​ they talk a​ lot about the​ way we​ view others and the​ way we​ expect others to​ act – based on​ our own internal prejudices. They refer to​ this as​ “being inside the​ box in​ how we​ view others.” it​ is​ not until we​ choose to​ view others as​ they really are (i.e. human beings with valuable experiences,​ viewpoints and inputs) that we​ will be able to​ connect at​ a​ deeper level and achieve higher degrees of​ understanding and communication. in​ other words,​ it​ is​ not until our expectations of​ others change that we​ can change our own experiences with them.

Take a​ moment to​ think about your own expectations – of​ yourself and those around you. Your expectations exert a​ powerful influence on​ people and events,​ for good or​ for bad,​ so be extremely careful!

What You Can Do

There are a​ few things that you can start doing immediately that will help you to​ harness the​ awesome power of​ the​ Law of​ Expectations:

1. Always expect the​ best! Assume the​ very best of​ intentions on​ the​ part of​ those around you. There is​ no better place to​ start than home. Tell your spouse and children on​ a​ regular basis that you believe in​ them,​ that you think they are wonderful,​ that you love them and that you are proud of​ them.

2. Practice these same behaviors with your staff and coworkers. the​ very best managers,​ entrepreneurs,​ and salespeople are "high expectations" people.

3. Expect the​ best of​ yourself. Focus on​ your unlimited potential and imagine that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. Imagine that your greatest moments lie ahead and that everything that has happened to​ you up to​ now has merely been a​ preparation for the​ great things that are yet to​ come.

There is​ no mystery to​ achieving success - it​ is​ available to​ all of​ us. One need only be aware of,​ understand and,​ most importantly,​ live in​ accordance with Universal Law! Through expecting the​ best of​ yourself and others,​ you can attain the​ levels of​ success that you truly want!

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