Universal Law Of Prosperity

Universal Law Of Prosperity

Sowing and reaping are universal laws of​ nature because God set them up to​ be universal laws of​ nature. These laws work in​ all things. What ever is​ sown is​ ultimately what is​ reaped. Scriptures declare it! Here is​ just one.

Gal 6:7-9
7 Be not deceived; God is​ not mocked: for whatsoever a​ man soweth,​ that shall he also reap...for in​ due season we​ shall reap,​ if​ we​ faint not (KJV)

This Scripture principle applies to​ the​ sowing of​ finances as​ well to​ sowing seed on​ a​ farm. if​ you sow corn you will reap corn. if​ you sow cotton you will reap cotton. if​ you sow tomatoes you will reap tomatoes.

Likewise if​ you sow finances into God’s vineyard,​ you will reap yourself a​ money harvest. This is​ a​ universal law. What you reap now is​ what you sowed yesterday.

God showed me some years ago,​ why sowing and reaping works with the​ planting of​ money into God’s vineyard. He showed me that He quickens or​ makes alive the​ inanimate,​ dead money that we​ sow.

Even a​ seed of​ corn,​ cotton or​ tomatoes dies in​ the​ ground before it​ can reproduce itself. Consequently,​ the​ thought of​ money being made alive by God should not be shocking at​ all. After all,​ He makes the​ corn,​ cotton and tomato seed come alive even though it​ is​ dead.

In other words,​ seed money planted into His vineyard takes on​ a​ supernatural life that is​ capable of​ reproduction just like a​ grain of​ corn that the​ farmer sows. Get this well! Your money seed lives and reproduces itself just like a​ grain of​ corn. This requires a​ supernatural act of​ God.

Think of​ it. When you plant a​ money seed,​ God actually makes that money live with the​ life of​ God in​ it. Consequently,​ it​ can supernaturally reproduce itself a​ hundredfold and come back to​ you in​ the​ form of​ a​ money harvest.

Begin now to​ sow everywhere you can and as​ much as​ you can. This way you will have a​ continual harvest of​ money. the​ more often you sow,​ the​ more often you can reap.

This is​ the​ miracle working power of​ God in​ your money life. When you sow money into His vineyard,​ you make Him responsible for your financial condition. When you do not sow into His work,​ you and you alone,​ are totally responsible for your financial situation.

Sow some seed today and let Him be responsible for your finances. You will be glad you did.

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