Universal Law Of Attraction

Universal Law Of Attraction

The Universal Law of​ Attraction states that we​ attract whatever we​ wish to​ give our attention to​ – whether it​ is​ wanted or​ unwanted. This is​ a​ universal law because it​ doesn’t matter who you are,​ what your religious beliefs are,​ where you live or​ even where you were born. This law is​ true for all people equally. it​ is​ just as​ true as​ Newton’s Law of​ Gravity.

Most of​ the​ time we​ happen to​ attract by “default” and we​ do not make a​ deliberate choice. we​ just sort of​ go about our daily existence and focus on​ problems that need solving,​ or​ we​ focus on​ things that did not seem right or​ feel good. By doing this,​ we​ actually end up creating more problems. For those who are trying to​ focus on​ running a​ home business,​ this is​ not so good.

Consider yourself to​ be like a​ huge magnet. a​ magnet does not “try” to​ attract,​ it​ simply does. This is​ the​ same for us. Whether we​ are trying to​ attract or​ not,​ we​ are doing it​ all of​ the​ time. we​ happen to​ attract the​ likeness of​ what we​ are thinking about. if​ we​ are thinking about the​ success of​ our home business,​ chances are we​ will see some degree of​ success in​ this area of​ our lives. if​ we​ happen to​ be thinking about a​ certain lack of​ something,​ then we​ will attract more lack or​ scarcity. if​ we​ think about something we​ love,​ then we​ will attract more of​ what we​ enjoy and love. This is​ what the​ Universal Law of​ Attraction is​ all about. it​ does sound incredibly simple,​ and it​ is.

As human beings,​ we​ are very powerful attractors. we​ are able to​ use this God-given power to​ attract the​ things we​ want in​ life by simply paying attention to​ where we​ put our thoughts and desires. Most of​ the​ time we​ believe we​ are thinking with our mind when most of​ the​ time it​ is​ from the​ heart. This is​ where we​ do our believing,​ thinking and our “vibrating”. Therefore,​ we​ attract from our heart. Think of​ your heart as​ a​ very powerful magnet. it​ is​ the​ “vibrator” that attracts all signals.

The Art of​ Deliberation consists of​ three main parts:
1. You are able to​ get a​ very clear picture of​ what it​ is​ that you want.
2. You must raise your vibration until it​ matches what you want.
3. You allow what you want to​ come to​ you.

We are given the​ chance to​ gain clarity to​ know exactly what we​ want by using the​ many “contrasts” that life has to​ offer to​ us. How can we​ use contrast as​ it​ relates to​ home business? we​ must observe it​ briefly,​ and then use it​ to​ help you make the​ decision as​ to​ what you want to​ do. This is​ an​ art that takes some practice as​ we​ have the​ habit of​ talking about,​ telling others about and focusing on​ that which we​ do not like. we​ must change these negative contrasts into positive vibrations in​ order to​ be successful in​ our home business.

Universal Law Of Attraction

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