Unified Conference Software Audio Video Webconference For Intranet

Unified conference software: audio-video-WEBconference,​ for Intranet
WEBconference services over the​ Internet are more and more used mainly since their pricing mode switched from per minute per participant to​ fixed price per month,​ for unlimited use .​
In spite of​ that,​ its use has been restricted for security reasons but also due to​ enterprise culture which valorizes the​ use of​ internal resources instead of​ external service renting .​
Nevertheless,​ benefits of​ conferencing technologies as​ audioconference,​ videoconference and WEBconference,​ taken separately,​ have been demonstrated as​ well as​ to​ save time than to​ reduce travel expenses .​
Imagine what it​ could be with unified conference integrating audio,​ video and WEBconference over the​ same PC interface .​
Two conditions need to​ be met to​ improve the​ impact .​
First,​ unified conference need to​ be an​ internal resource as​ email,​ CRM or​ ERP,​ available at​ no cost simply with a​ mouse clic .​
More,​ the​ solution needs to​ reach a​ security level almost military and operates over an​ Intranet,​ on​ an​ enterprise local area network (LAN) and not over the​ WEB.
With this perspective in​ mind,​ Tele-efficiency offers now its unified conference solution,​ Conferenceware,​ as​ software with a​ perpetual license (One time fee) still exploiting it​ as​ a​ service over the​ WEB .​
In this case,​ enterprises acquire the​ software at​ fixed price and host their meetings over their own WEB server,​ on​ Intranet .​
Professional services for installing and training are provided through a​ distribution network .​
This distribution network is​ composed of​ computer integrators mainly those who commercialize CRM solutions with which Conferenceware is​ integrated .​
The enterprises who offer voice over IP services find also an​ opportunity to​ up-sell their current customer base.

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