Translation Software Translate Websites And Increase Website Traffic

Translation Software,​ Translate Websites and Increase Website Traffic
Translation Software,​ Translate Websites and Increase Website Traffic
Translation Breakthrough Software Programs that can Double,​ Triple or​ Even Quadruple Your Website Traffic and Reach 65% of​ the​ World Internet population you​ are Currently Missing! Translate websites into many different languages instantly,​ easily and effortlessly,​ and watch your sales and profits skyrocket!
The World Wide Web is​ a​ global market,​ multilingual and multinational .​
If you​ have a​ Website or​ want to​ market a​ product or​ service,​ this information should cross national and even local boundaries like Canada for instance,​ with French and English spoken,​ but the​ language barrier is​ a​ huge puzzle for websites that want to​ translate their content .​
It is​ expensive to​ hire language translators,​ especially for all the​ languages that are spoken worldwide and to​ translate every word on​ even small websites,​ which is​ why automated Specialized Software Translators is​ becoming very popular .​
Despite some misleading and even hilarious translations or​ in​ some cases insulting translations .​
the​ software often produces just enough translation for people to​ make some sense of​ the​ information being written on​ these websites.
Babylon,​ Systransoft and Multilingual Marketer are great software programs! If you​ are a​ website owner and have a​ product or​ service that you​ are trying to​ market on​ the​ Internet is​ English only,​ then you​ are missing about 65% and growing of​ the​ Internet market! Now,​ you​ can easily tap into foreign markets at​ the​ SAME time while increasing your SEO rankings,​ to​ good to​ be true,​ not so with this breakthrough software .​
In gearing up to​ make multilingual versions of​ all your webites using this incredible software,​ you​ will not only access whole new markets with tens of​ millions of​ new people to​ market too,​ but you​ will look bigger and brighter to​ search engines and to​ the​ Internet community overall.
There online facts will speak for themself and these blowout facts will shock you​ .​
Warning,​ ignore them at​ your own risk,​ beacuse your online competitors will not.
One fact is​ 65% and growing of​ the​ World's Internet surfers speak english but prefer to​ do their searching and browsing on​ the​ World Wide Web in​ their own native languages .​
They go to​ search engines,​ and prefer to​ input keywords in​ their native languages rather than in​ english .​
This only makes sense to​ a​ logical person,​ if​ you​ spoke and read spanish would you​ enter keywords in​ engish? That is​ why your targeted Internet leads cannot find your web site,​ because the​ keywords that you​ use are not translated into their languages .​
But remember,​ your foreign targeted leads can speak and read english .​
the​ only problem here is​ that they cannot find your website .​
So if​ they did,​ they would be able to​ benefit from it​ and even order your products from you! the​ statistics show that the​ amount of​ people speaking english and spanish are roughly tied for third place in​ world with chinese being the​ number one language spoken worldwide.

Second fact is​ that 22% of​ americans who search and browse the​ World Wide Web use Non-English languages .​
There are 202.45 million americans now online,​ according to​ InternetWorld Stats as​ of​ July,​ 2004 .​
These are old statistics by now this number is​ much larger .​
There are 45 million americans whose native language is​ not english .​
They access the​ Internet in​ their own native languages .​
That is​ a​ Hugh market that you​ are missing out of,​ if​ your website is​ only in​ english.
Third fact is​ Google the​ top and preferred search engine of​ choice with 50% share of​ the​ world surfers provides multilingual platforms and crawls web pages in​ 35 different languages .​
Do not be fooled by experts who tell you​ that they can get your website a​ Top 10 ranking in​ any search engines based on​ any keywords with their special SEO software .​
The scams out there are many,​ and they claim to​ teach you​ how to​ get No.1 ranking in​ Google easily! Most of​ them will get you​ a​ number 1 ranking for the​ keyword grandizerzorilla,​ but that is​ about all they will do for you​ .​
the​ Internet is​ moving at​ such an​ incredible rate that nowadays,​ most of​ the​ English websites are fully optimized for the​ all the​ common keywords .​
That is​ why your website has to​ be in​ other languages,​ keywords in​ these languages are still available and are waiting to​ be optimizied on​ your web pages .​

Fourth fact is​ Less than 5% of​ web pages are non-English and their Google PR is​ Low in​ many cases! the​ fact is​ only a​ few foreign language web pages are available in​ Google .​
What an​ opportunity not to​ be Missed! And the​ last fact is​ Google Filters are Less 'Sensitive',​ 'Strict' and 'Intelligent' when dealing with Non-English web pages .​
Do not let these 'too-good-to-be-true' figures that you​ read about on​ the​ Internet deceive you​ into thinking that Google spiders do not index non-English websites .​
This is​ from some confidential and informed sources,​ it​ seems some search engine spiders cannot distinguish the​ overlapping content or​ even garbage pages written in​ foreign languages!
These programs are designed to​ help webmasters make their websites multilingual .​
With a​ few mouse clicks,​ these programs will translate websites designed in​ one language into another language .​
They will translate the​ language content and leave the​ source code unchanged.
These programs use automated machine translation technology,​ capable of​ translating entire Web sites and you​ do not even need to​ know the​ translated language .​
Translate your websites and web pages up to​ 20 and more different languages and watch the​ traffic flood coming your way!

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