Top Luxury Hotel Costa Rica Is The Hotel Punta Islita

This Luxury Hotel in​ Costa Rica known as​ the​ Hotel Punta Islita is​ quite isolated and positioned on​ a​ high bluff between two mountainous ridges overlooking the​ Pacific Ocean in​ the​ northwest Guanacaster Province. You will certainly have a​ luxurious Costa Rica Vacation here,​ and it​ would be an​ ideal spot for your honeymoon hotel,​ because of​ the​ stunning setting and the​ isolation

Every room has a​ king sized bed,​ and a​ private patio complete with a​ hammock. There is​ a​ well stocked bar and excellent en-suite facilities. the​ Punta Islita Suites are worth paying extra for,​ with a​ sitting room and a​ private Jacuzzi. Whatever room or​ suite you choose,​ they are all large and the​ type of​ luxury you expect from a​ quality hotel.

The Punta Islita is​ not on​ the​ beach,​ in​ fact it​ is​ about a​ ten minute walk,​ but there are shuttle buses. the​ hotel beach is​ in​ a​ small crescent shaped cove,​ and quite calm and protected,​ but the​ beach itself is​ long and almost always deserted. There is​ also a​ bar at​ the​ beach club,​ serving drinks and snacks,​ with a​ freshwater pool and a​ swim up bar. There is​ plenty of​ room here to​ relax in​ the​ landscaped gardens .

As you would expect from a​ luxury hotel the​ food is​ a​ feature. Because of​ the​ isolated nature of​ the​ hotel,​ after all you need a​ 4 x 4 vehicle to​ get you there,​ there aren’t really many alternatives when it​ comes to​ eating. the​ emphasis at​ the​ Punta Islita is​ on​ fresh seafood,​ and a​ touch of​ nouvelle cuisine. the​ meals are served in​ the​ Palapa restaurant. the​ views of​ the​ sunset are incredible.

The Luxury Hotel Punta Islita sits at​ the​ edge of​ the​ tropical rain forest,​ so the​ environment is​ very much an​ untouched by civilization and the​ hotel works at​ keeping it​ that way. it​ must be one of​ the​ most unspoilt beautiful spots occupied by any hotel.

The staff here are particularly good and helpful,​ and the​ canopy tour in​ the​ rainforest is​ a​ must.

What a​ lovely luxury hotel in​ Costa Rica is​ the​ Punta Islita. Take a​ vacation package,​ or​ just a​ holiday,​ perhaps even your honeymoon.

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