Tips On Lawn Mower Safety

Tips On Lawn Mower Safety

Many parents know it's important to​ tend to​ more than their yards when they do yard work. Still,​ thousands of​ children are injured in​ yard-work-related injuries every year.

It only takes a​ moment for a​ child to​ dart into the​ path of​ a​ lawn mower. Myranda got her foot trapped underneath the​ blade of​ her father's riding lawn mower when she was 2 years old. Spence lost part of​ his foot when he tripped in​ front of​ a​ riding lawn mower when he was 3. Both Myranda and Spence had to​ have a​ foot amputated and now use prostheses.

Myranda and Spence are among the​ many children Shriners Hospitals for Children treats each year who have lost fingers,​ toes and limbs as​ a​ result of​ power lawn mower accidents.

According to​ the​ U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC),​ more than 84,​000 injuries result from lawn mower accidents each year,​ and 8,​800 of​ those injuries are to​ children under the​ age of​ 18. One out of​ every five lawn mower deaths involves a​ child.

According to​ a​ report published in​ the​ Annals of​ Emergency Medicine Web site,​ children between the​ ages of​ 15 and 19 have the​ highest rate of​ hospitalizations caused by lawn mower accidents,​ and the​ second-most-common result of​ these hospitalizations is​ toe amputation.

To prevent lawn mower injuries,​ follow these safety tips from Shriners Hospitals for Children and the​ CPSC:

• Do not allow passengers on​ a​ riding mower.

• Keep children out of​ the​ yard and indoors while mowing the​ lawn.

• Do not allow children under the​ age of​ 14 to​ operate a​ lawn mower.

• Always prepare your lawn for mowing. Check your lawn for items such as​ sticks,​ rocks,​ toys,​ etc. Make sure nothing is​ hidden in​ the​ grass.

• Handle fuel with care. Wipe up spills. Never fill the​ tank on​ a​ mower that is​ hot. Never smoke or​ use any kind of​ flame around gasoline.

• Wear appropriate clothing and shoes,​ including long pants,​ long-sleeved shirts,​ eye protection,​ heavy gloves,​ and sturdy,​ close-toed shoes with slip-resistant rubber soles.

• Check guards and shields. Read the​ owner's manual and know how to​ operate the​ equipment. Don't remove or​ disable guards or​ other safety devices.

• Always use a​ mower with an​ automatic blade cutoff. Stay behind the​ handle until the​ blade stops.

• Never reach under a​ mower while it​ is​ still operating. if​ you need to​ remove debris or​ check the​ blade,​ disconnect the​ wire from the​ spark plug.

• Don't cut grass when it's wet.

• On slopes,​ mow up and down rather than across the​ slope.

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