Tips For Preventing Lawn Mower Problems

Tips For Preventing Lawn Mower Problems

If your lawn mower is​ what's choking instead of​ your weeds,​ you have lots of​ company. More than 63 million lawn mowers are revving up for lawn season,​ and many will need a​ little TLC. Experts advise that an​ hour or​ two of​ maintenance a​ year can make a​ big difference in​ how well your equipment operates and how long it​ will ultimately last.

For a​ trouble-free season of​ lawn care,​ here are some tips from the​ experts at​ small-engine maker Briggs & Stratton Corporation on​ how to​ maintain your lawn care equipment so it​ will start easily and run trouble-free:

• Use a​ fuel preservative. Gasoline goes stale in​ about 30 days,​ making your mower or​ other outdoor power equipment difficult to​ start. the​ FreshStart gas cap is​ a​ convenient way to​ keep fuel fresh for six months. the​ cap,​ which replaces the​ equipment's original gas cap,​ contains a​ replaceable cartridge of​ concentrated fuel preservative that drips into the​ fuel tank.

• Check and change your oil. Check your mower's oil level regularly and change the​ oil after 25 hours of​ operation under average mowing conditions. Use a​ 100 percent synthetic oil,​ which is​ made for use in​ all engines,​ or​ use an​ SAE 30 detergent oil for your mower-look for the​ bottle that says "Lawn Mower Oil" and you can't go wrong.

• Add oil to​ new equipment. When you purchase a​ new mower or​ another piece of​ power equipment,​ be sure to​ check the​ oil before you run it​ for the​ first time-new equipment is​ often shipped without oil. Running power equipment without oil will damage the​ engine.

• Tune up your lawn mower once a​ year. it​ takes about 30 minutes,​ and you can purchase convenient Tune-Up Kits that contain everything you need: oil,​ spark plug,​ filter(s) and fuel preservative.

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