Time Management Paretos Law

Time Management Paretos Law

Time management is​ an​ efficient tool of​ performing the​ tasks within a​ given time limit. in​ this context,​ Vilfredo Pareto found a​ law i.e.,​ 80-20 law.

The law can find its roots in​ the​ year 1906. Pareto was working on​ finding the​ explanation to​ the​ economic disparities in​ the​ world. His theory had many takers and backed by various experts of​ that era. One of​ them was Dr Juran who observed that it​ can be applied not only to​ any particular field of​ study but also in​ general.

This 80-20 rule lays the​ emphasis on​ the​ lesser of​ anything. it​ says that the​ greater of​ anything is​ the​ least important. as​ his findings states that there is​ a​ small group (20%) who owns a​ major share (80%) of​ world’s wealth. as​ per the​ law,​ the​ most significant are less in​ quantity. And what is​ in​ ample amount is​ the​ most insignificant.

Detailed Analysis
The time and the​ task management ensure that the​ theory fit perfectly in​ any condition. the​ stress is​ on​ the​ need to​ manage the​ few. This significant part would ensure the​ attainment of​ the​ larger part. This could be well interpretive in​ the​ super star theory. According to​ which efforts must be directed to​ manage the​ 20% to​ achieve 80%.

Steps to​ Adopt the​ Theory
This law of​ time and energy management can be applied in​ day-to-day life also. the​ understated points have to​ be taken into account:

1) Avoiding Useless Tasks:
The most important part of​ management is​ to​ avoid tasks that take toll of​ time. This would not hamper him/her to​ concentrate on​ the​ most sort-after activities.

2) Foresight:
While planning,​ the​ tasks must be selected diligently so as​ to​ ensure secure future returns. as​ today’s solutions have definite impact on​ tomorrow’s outcome.

3) Keep an​ Eye on​ Highly Valued Task:
The overall efforts must be streamlined in​ order to​ concentrate on​ the​ most important 20%. if​ one works in​ this way over a​ period of​ time,​ the​ outcome would be beneficial.

Time management works on​ this 80-20 principle. This,​ in​ the​ long run ensures the​ efforts and time are consumed rightly working on​ the​ most important 20%. if​ this aspect is​ taken care of​ wisely,​ the​ efforts would definitely prove fruitful.

Time Management Paretos Law

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