Thought As A Vibration Toward Manifestation Law Of Attraction Classics Ww Atkinson

Thought As A Vibration Toward Manifestation Law Of Attraction Classics
Ww Atkinson

THE Universe is​ governed by Law - one great Law. Its manifestations are multiform,​ but viewed from the​ Ultimate there is​ but one Law. we​ are familiar with some of​ its manifestations,​ but are almost totally ignorant of​ certain others. Still we​ are learning a​ little more every day - the​ veil is​ being gradually lifted.

We speak learnedly of​ the​ Law of​ Gravitation,​ but ignore that equally wonderful manifestation,​ the​ LAW of​ ATTRACTION in​ the​ THOUGHT WORLD.

We are familiar with that wonderful manifestation of​ Law which draws and holds together the​ atoms of​ which matter is​ composed - we​ recognize the​ power of​ the​ law that attracts bodies to​ the​ earth,​ that holds the​ circling worlds in​ their places,​ but we​ close our eyes to​ the​ mighty law that draws to​ us the​ things we​ desire or​ fear,​ that makes or​ mars our lives.

When we​ come to​ see that Thought is​ a​ force - a​ manifestation of​ energy - having a​ magnet-like power of​ attraction,​ we​ will begin to​ understand the​ why and wherefore of​ many things that have heretofore seemed dark to​ us. There is​ no study that will so well repay the​ student for his time and trouble as​ the​ study of​ the​ workings of​ this mighty law of​ the​ world of​ Thought - the​ Law of​ Attraction.

When we​ think we​ send out vibrations of​ a​ fine ethereal substance,​ which are as​ real as​ the​ vibrations manifesting light,​ heat,​ electricity,​ magnetism. That these vibrations are not evident to​ our five senses is​ no proof that they do not exist. a​ powerful magnet will send out vibrations and exert a​ force sufficient to​ attract to​ itself a​ piece of​ steel weighing a​ hundred pounds,​ but we​ can neither see,​ taste,​ smell,​ hear nor feel the​ mighty force.

These thought vibrations,​ likewise,​ cannot be seen,​ tasted,​ smelled,​ heard nor felt in​ the​ ordinary way; although it​ is​ true there are on​ record cases of​ persons peculiarly sensitive to​ psychic impressions who have perceived powerful thought-waves,​ and very many of​ us can testify that we​ have distinctly felt the​ thought vibrations of​ others,​ both whilst in​ the​ presence of​ the​ sender and at​ a​ distance. Telepathy and its kindred phenomena are not idle dreams.

Light and heat are manifested by vibrations of​ a​ far lower intensity than those of​ Thought,​ but the​ difference is​ solely in​ the​ rate of​ vibration. the​ annals of​ science throw an​ interesting light upon this question. Prof. Elisha Gray,​ an​ eminent scientist,​ says in​ his little book,​ "The Miracles of​ Nature":

"There is​ much food for speculation in​ the​ thought that there exist sound-waves that no human ear can hear,​ and color-waves of​ light that no eye can see. the​ long,​ dark,​ soundless space between 40,​000 and 400,​000,​000,​000,​000 vibrations per second,​ and the​ infinity of​ range beyond 700,​000,​000,​000,​000 vibrations per second,​ where light ceases,​ in​ the​ universe of​ motion,​ makes it​ possible to​ indulge in​ speculation."

M. M. Williams,​ in​ his work entitled "Short Chapters in​ Science,​" says:

"There is​ no gradation between the​ most rapid undulations or​ tremblings that produce our sensation of​ sound,​ and the​ slowest of​ those which give rise to​ our sensations of​ gentlest warmth.

There is​ a​ huge gap between them,​ wide enough to​ include another world of​ motion,​ all lying between our world of​ sound and our world of​ heat and light; and there is​ no good reason whatever for supposing that matter is​ incapable of​ such intermediate activity,​ or​ that such activity may not give rise to​ intermediate sensations,​ provided there are organs for taking up and sensifying their movements."

I cite the​ above authorities merely to​ give you food for thought,​ not to​ attempt to​ demonstrate to​ you the​ fact that thought vibrations exist.

The last-named fact has been fully established to​ the​ satisfaction of​ numerous investigators of​ the​ subject,​ and a​ little reflection will show you that it​ coincides with your own experiences.

Thought As A Vibration Toward Manifestation Law Of Attraction Classics
Ww Atkinson

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