The Zune Mp3 Player Versus The Leading Ipod

The Zune Mp3 Player Versus The Leading Ipod

The Zune MP3 Player Versus the​ Leading iPod
It is​ not a​ surprise that a​ lot of​ people in​ our society don't even know what a​ Zune is,​ and there is​ one answer .​
Advertisement,​ Microsoft has done a​ horrible job of​ advertising their product .​
Even commercials,​ they tried to​ make the​ Zune seem so mysterious,​ but in​ reality,​ it​ just turned people off.
I can understand wanting to​ hide such a​ movie like Hancock,​ or​ the​ Happening,​ something where giving away the​ plot or​ story might ruin the​ whole movie,​ but there is​ absolutely no point in​ not throwing the​ Zune right in​ peoples faces so that they aren't just looking at​ the​ iPod.
Thats one reason why the​ Apple is​ far ahead of​ Microsoft's game .​
This also applies to​ Windows and MAC,​ you never see any advertising on​ Windows,​ now do you? Next thing you know,​ the​ MAC will be the​ mainly used computer for all of​ the​ United States,​ something I​ thought never would happen.
But,​ lets get down to​ business .​
The Zune MP3 Player,​ is​ actually a​ very nice mp3 player when comparing it​ to​ the​ iPod .​
Of course,​ any arguments that you here are generally from someone with an​ iPod,​ doesn't know what the​ Zune is,​ or​ even looks like for that matter .​
Point in​ case,​ people believe what other people say way too easily.
Do your research,​ and if​ your reading this article,​ I've done it​ for you .​
The Zune often gets better ratings than the​ iPod when it​ comes to​ being an​ mp3 player,​ unforunately due to​ the​ marketing ability of​ Microsoft to​ show people the​ Zune,​ half of​ the​ world doesn't know what the​ thing is.
But thats okay,​ because you do .​
Now you can make a​ solid decision on​ whether you want an​ iPod or​ a​ Zune MP3 Player .​
One thing that I​ must point out is​ that the​ Zune has several features the​ the iPod does not have at​ all.
The downside to​ that is,​ when they decided to​ release these new features,​ they were not polished at​ all,​ thus resulting in​ failed features or​ ones that had little or​ no effect when put into works .​
So,​ that means it​ looks good on​ paper,​ but essentially if​ something doesn't work,​ it​ doesn't work.
On the​ other hand,​ iPod doesn't have as​ many features,​ but in​ the​ features that it​ does have,​ they are polished up quite well .​
You won't find any buggy systems or​ anything like that with the​ iPod,​ and the​ database,​ iTunes,​ where all of​ the​ music comes from is​ just massive.
iTunes is​ consistently being updated,​ and made more user-friendly for the​ computer-illiterate people who don't know how to​ drag and drop a​ song from one folder to​ another .​
But that's okay,​ you can't expect much from people nowadays.
There are also a​ few other points of​ competition as​ well .​
Accessories,​ that is​ one huge aspect .​
If there were absolutely not accessories for one of​ the​ two competitors,​ the​ Zune or​ the​ iPod,​ the​ opposing would win .​
Simply because what good does an​ iPod do on​ its own.
You need to​ be able to​ plug into your car,​ plug a​ charger in​ at​ home,​ on​ the​ go,​ have a​ dock where you can charge and listen to​ at​ the​ same time,​ along with your standard company-brand headphones and earphones.
Along with that,​ an​ fm transmitter kit,​ and the​ list goes on​ .​
Basically,​ all of​ these accessories make the​ iPod or​ Zune reusable and versatile in​ many situations .​
Having a​ travel charger while the​ other one doesn't,​ now allows for you to​ take your Zune anywhere you want,​ but the​ iPod will be dead before the​ day ends.
That would be a​ huge difference maker had one of​ the​ companies not created the​ travel charger .​
You see,​ the​ mp3 player itself is​ already out,​ and now to​ make it​ stand out more than the​ opposing,​ you have to​ make accessories,​ ones that look nice too .​
You can't have ugly accessories and expect people to​ buy.
This society is​ full of​ people who base things on​ looks,​ covers of​ books,​ people and how attractive they are,​ thats the​ first thing they notice .​
And with so many things to​ compare in​ this world,​ that seems like a​ viable and easy way to​ do it .​
That is​ where the​ iPod comes on​ top,​ looks .​
They have made their mp3 player,​ and their accessories look a​ little better.
But that's okay,​ because for anyone who has gone and done their research knows that the​ Zune produces better quality sound,​ and for the​ price,​ even though very similar,​ the​ Zune is​ a​ better deal in​ the​ long-run,​ unless your an​ Apple fanatic.

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