The Truth About Online Poker Bots Cheats And Other Softwares

The Truth About Online Poker Bots Cheats And Other Softwares

There's been a​ lot of​ talk this days about poker cheat programs,​ poker bots,​ and that kind of​ stuff. Since I have been in​ the​ internet poker business for a​ while,​ I have seen these programs come and go. Check here the​ real story:

-> Poker Cheats: a​ program that could hugely change the​ outcome of​ the​ game by giving you​ information that you​ should not be able to​ know,​ or​ that could change the​ cards you​ will get. Some claim to​ be able to​ show your opponents hidden cards. the​ TRUTH: There is​ no such thing. the​ respected poker rooms have softwares with so powerful encryption,​ that it​ would be easier to​ hack into some online bank accounts. if​ you​ buy such a​ program,​ be aware. Just think: if​ someone has such a​ thing,​ why would he sell it? He could be making millions using the​ programs,​ and would not be willing to​ advertise his crime!

-> Poker Bots: a​ program that plays for you​ in​ your computer. it​ "reads" the​ situation on​ screen and play for you,​ even if​ you​ are sleeping. the​ TRUTH: looks interesting,​ doesn't it? But there are some problems you​ should be aware of: the​ biggest poker rooms do not allow them; it​ could have spyware and viruses,​ although I have never heard of​ something like this; it​ is​ kind of​ dumb: I mean,​ it's a​ software,​ so it​ uses a​ program to​ calculate odds and take actions based on​ those odds. it​ cannot "feel" the​ opponents,​ it​ cannot make advanced moves,​ it​ cannot mix-up the​ strategy. it​ can win some money? Probably yes,​ because there are a​ lot of​ players out there dumber than the​ bot,​ but I would be surprised to​ see a​ bot that could get you​ lots of​ money. Most claim that they can win an​ average $50 per hour,​ but I cannot confirm it.

-> Poker Helping Softwares: softwares that show you​ your hand strength,​ your odds for a​ great hand,​ your odds for having the​ best hand in​ the​ table. Most of​ them show also a​ suggestion of​ play,​ telling you​ when you​ should fold,​ or​ raise,​ or​ call... the​ TRUTH: What you​ see is​ what you​ get. No false hopes here,​ the​ programs only give advice derived from mathematical calculation,​ and you​ get to​ decide what to​ do. the​ best ones in​ the​ market are:

a) Texas Calculatem and Texas Calculatem Pro: the​ programs sit by the​ side of​ your online poker table,​ give you​ advice for your next action,​ and show the​ percentages and odds. the​ difference between them is​ that the​ "Pro" version gives you​ more statistical information,​ but they are very similar. I personally use Calculatem Pro,​ and find it​ very effective. it​ helped me the​ most when I was a​ beginner,​ but I still use it.

b) Sit 'N Go Shark: this one gives strategic advice in​ small text boxes for Sit 'N Go tournaments. it​ has powerful advice,​ with a​ good sense of​ humor,​ which is​ great for the​ boring times when you​ are folding bad hand after bad hand.

For more information on​ poker softwares and poker strategy,​ check our website - Have fun!

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