The Ten Laws Of Selecting The Right Wedding Vendor

The Ten Laws Of Selecting The Right Wedding Vendor

First Law
Search for your wedding vendors through your friends,​ family members,​ and coworkers. Word-of-mouth is​ an​ old a​ proven way to​ find reliable businesses. Even if​ you can’t afford a​ wedding consultant to​ plan your entire wedding,​ it​ might be a​ good idea to​ consult one to​ find reputable wedding vendors in​ your area. the​ money you spend on​ an​ initial consultation with a​ wedding planner may pay for itself once you realize the​ cost savings.

Second Law
Never hire the​ first vendor you meet. Always make sure you select from at​ least a​ few different vendors. Just because you have a​ good first impression of​ a​ vendor,​ it​ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider others. the​ more vendors you take into account the​ more educated you’ll become about prices and selection. You should consider at​ least 2 to​ 3 vendors for each product or​ service you plan on​ using for your wedding day.

Third Law
Get it​ in​ writing. Even if​ you find the​ vendor trustworthy,​ you should ALWAYS get it​ in​ writing. the​ documents describing the​ service should be as​ detailed as​ possible. Such detail might seem excessive,​ but it​ will assure that you and the​ vendor understand each other. if​ you get it​ in​ writing,​ the​ vendor might respect you more than if​ you only had a​ verbal agreement. if​ you get it​ in​ writing,​ you are also helping the​ vendor. if​ a​ vendor refuses to​ get it​ in​ writing,​ you should walk.

Fourth Law
Ask to​ see if​ you could speak with their previous customers. it​ is​ bad news,​ if​ a​ vendor doesn’t make references readily available to​ you. Well established businesses will likely volunteer references,​ so don’t hesitate to​ ask. Once you get the​ references,​ be sure to​ contact them. That’s why you’ve asked for them.

Fifth Law
When you negotiate prices,​ be sure to​ learn about hidden costs. You should have a​ clear understanding of​ what the​ price includes. if​ you are unsure,​ be sure to​ ask to​ clarify.

Sixth Law
Negotiate the​ price. You should bargain with your wedding vendors. Don’t be embarrassed by trying to​ get the​ best price. if​ you can’t get them to​ lower their price,​ try to​ get some additional free service or​ product included in​ the​ negotiated price.

Seventh Law
Once you get everything in​ writing,​ you should have a​ wedding consultant read through it​ all. You might even consider an​ attorney looking through your contracts. Their expert eyes might help you catch a​ mistake or​ question something suspicious. Spending a​ few dollars might help you save a​ lot of​ money and many headaches later.

Eight Law
Don’t sign anything until you understand the​ terms of​ the​ contract. if​ you disagree with something have it​ changed prior to​ signing. Vendors will more likely to​ accommodate your requests prior to​ signing the​ contract.

Ninth Law
Get a​ receipt. Some vendors might require a​ deposit,​ and you should always require a​ receipt.

Tenth Law
Keep in​ touch with your wedding vendors. Calling them periodically doesn’t mean you are bothering them. You might get more attention and better service due to​ your proactive approach. if​ you have concerns,​ be sure to​ voice them early.

The Ten Laws Of Selecting The Right Wedding Vendor

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