The Secret To A Beautiful Lawn

The Secret To A Beautiful Lawn

Actually,​ having a​ beautiful lawn isn't much of​ a​ secret at​ all. Here's how it​ works:

1. Plant the​ right type of​ grass for your area
2. Use the​ proper fertilizer as​ directed a​ couple of​ times a​ year
3. Keep well watered during the​ growing season
4. Never mow shorter than 1/3rd the​ present heigth

Select grass seeds that grow well in​ your area.

Being a​ native Southern Californian,​ I was very partial to​ a​ Dichondra lawn. Imagine my surprise upon moving to​ Oregon to​ learn it​ simply wasn't possible to​ have a​ Dichondra lawn in​ Oregon due to​ the​ colder winters. Plants and seeds are available by catalog according to​ the​ zone you live in.

Proper Fertilazation

In order to​ have a​ lush,​ healthy lawn you are going to​ have to​ feed it​ with the​ proper nutrients. You will find the​ right fertilizer for your lawn at​ your local garden store. Follow the​ simple directions and you are good to​ go. Fertilizer is​ available in​ both liquid and dry form. I have had good luck with both. a​ word of​ caution. When it​ comes to​ fertilizer,​ more is​ NOT better. at​ best,​ over fertilizing will burn your lawn.


As to​ how much water your lawn needs varies somewhat depending on​ grass type. in​ general,​ applying one inch of​ water per week is​ the​ recommendation when there is​ insufficient rainfall during summer drought. an​ inch of​ water can be measured by marking the​ side of​ a​ tuna or​ pet food can placed in​ the​ lawn. the​ best time of​ day to​ water your lawn is​ in​ the​ early morning hours. if​ using a​ timer,​ try setting it​ for 2 hours a​ day,​ 3 days a​ week or​ every other day.


For a​ healthy lawn,​ never cut more than one-third of​ the​ grass blade in​ any one mowing. if​ the​ grass gets ahead of​ you because of​ a​ busy schedule,​ move up the​ cutting height of​ your mower to​ the​ highest setting. Catch the​ cuttings with a​ bagging unit,​ rake the​ lawn with a​ leaf rake,​ or​ use a​ mulching blade. Then move the​ cutting height back to​ normal and cut the​ lawn again a​ few days later.

For more information on​ planting and maintaining a​ beautiful lawn,​ look for a​ good book on​ the​ subject in​ your local garden supply store.

The Secret To A Beautiful Lawn

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