The Secret Behind The Secret Law Of Attraction

The Secret Behind The Secret Law Of Attraction

The secret is​ out! That is,​ the​ secret law of​ attraction.

The Secret,​ a​ film made only for DVD,​ a​ docudrama on​ the​ Secret Law of​ Attraction has had an​ impact that can be measured in​ millions,​ namely it​ cost millions to​ produce,​ influenced millions,​ and made millions of​ dollars in​ profit.

Those who got the​ message,​ tried it​ out,​ proved it​ for themselves,​ and wrote emotionally-charged testimonials that fill the​ official website of​ the​ Secret. Those who did not,​ claimed it​ was an​ extravagant celluloid marketing campaign with no substance. Overnight experts emerged in​ influential magazines and periodicals to​ proclaim it​ dangerous,​ misleading,​ and more magical thinking than the​ naive general public could handle.

Does it​ really work? My own humble opinion is​ that it​ works like nothing before ever has in​ my life. When I read testimonials about it​ on​ the​ official website and on​ numerous other websites that also talk about the​ secret law of​ attraction,​ I nod in​ agreement. I'm even willing to​ declare it​ to​ be scientifically valid,​ because it​ can be empirically proved by the​ subject,​ and because it​ can be explained by Quantum Mechanics where the​ observer influences the​ experiment.

If it​ works,​ if​ people have proved it​ works,​ then why are many people also disappointed and frustrated and publicly decrying it​ as​ a​ form of​ mass delusion. the​ answer to​ this is​ application. Yes,​ application is​ the​ secret of​ the​ secret law of​ attraction. Correct,​ appropriate,​ relevant application.

In order to​ engage the​ mind to​ work for you,​ you have to​ believe that the​ mind can work for you. in​ this particular case,​ we​ are talking about the​ conscious mind believing in​ the​ unknown power of​ the​ subconscious mind. Those who have asked have been answered,​ those who have sought have found,​ and those who have knocked have found that the​ door opens from the​ inside. Similarly,​ those who have no faith at​ all,​ or​ a​ faith laced with either timidity or​ scorn,​ have proved their belief true: that it​ does not work.

Let's break this analysis down to​ specific techniques in​ the​ secret law of​ attraction.

One of​ the​ techniques is​ to​ hold a​ focused thought about what you desire. People whose minds jump around in​ excitement like children at​ a​ birthday party,​ one minute laughing,​ the​ next minute crying,​ and the​ third minute intent on​ something else,​ can't be expected to​ manifest anything. You need to​ focus on​ an​ image long enough for it​ to​ settle into the​ subconscious mind. a​ clear,​ detailed image,​ a​ sense of​ color,​ texture,​ and form is​ necessary.

Since the​ entire process of​ manifestation is​ a​ phenomenon that arises from the​ action of​ the​ subconscious mind,​ those people who delight in​ endless intellection are poor candidates for success. While they may have a​ knack for writing satirical pieces about the​ secret law of​ attraction or​ analyzing something to​ death,​ this level of​ mental acuity works against them when they're trying to​ manifest. a​ gift for abstraction almost certainly cancels out a​ gift for manifestation. Again,​ the​ reason for this is​ rather simple,​ embarrassingly simple,​ you have got to​ be in​ touch with your feelings to​ manifest anything. No feelings,​ no vibrations,​ no manifestation.

The secret of​ the​ secret law of​ attraction is​ application. it​ will work if​ you work it. Working it​ means focusing on​ a​ desire long enough to​ get a​ clear and detailed picture of​ it. it​ also means feeling the​ reality of​ what has not yet happened as​ if​ it​ had already occurred.

The secret law of​ attraction is​ only for people who believe in​ the​ evidence of​ things not seen and are patient enough to​ wait for them to​ show up. the​ secret is​ out and you can use it​ to​ enjoy health,​ wealth,​ romantic love,​ and happiness.

The Secret Behind The Secret Law Of Attraction

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