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The Purification And Advancement Of The Mental Sheath

At every step of​ our ordinary social transactions,​ we witness the​ miracles of​ our intellectual capabilities. an​ alert intellectual individual marches ahead in​ his chosen field with great success. Bang opposite to​ this people with weak intellects lag behind in​ various areas despite being blessed with conducive circumstances. in​ order to​ solve dire problems of​ our lives and in​ order to​ attain benefits of​ soul glory,​ a​ radiant mind is​ most required. Via the​ nervous system these elements are spread out widely in​ the​ entire body and the​ brain is​ the​ chief center. in​ spiritual parlance,​ this widespread knowledge is​ the​ Mental Sheath. Ordinarily for intellectual advancement,​ schools and other mediums of​ education are utilized. But the​ spiritual methods used for advancing the​ mental conscious center,​ are based on​ spiritual practices. With its help the​ mental energy is​ purified and evolved.

Spiritual practices for the​ advancement of​ the​ Mental Sheath is​ like the​ bloody Mahabharat war wherein one wards off the​ taints and distortions that have entered our intellectual arena. Along with this is​ conjoined the​ firm resolve (Sankalp) to​ establish Ram’s rule or​ a​ righteous world government.

With reference to​ this it​ is​ apt that we give due thought to​ discipline and self control. in​ ancient times,​ wind,​ bile,​ phlegm,​ indigestion,​ blockage of​ feces,​ change in​ weather,​ attack of​ venomous germs etc. were thought to​ be causes of​ various diseases. But modern research says that the​ mental center fully controls our body and it​ further elaborates that diseases based on​ external causes are nothing but the​ desire of​ the​ life force of​ our body. Thus with common remedies these diseases can be cured. Intense diseases are generally a​ result of​ mental distortions. These diseases cannot be cured merely by medicines and that mental purification is​ most required in​ such cases.

This is​ the​ chief cause not only of​ bodily diseases but also of​ mental illnesses. an​ individual,​ who executes vile actions due to​ a​ vile intellect,​ not only faces bodily diseases but also undergoes mental illnesses. Maybe such a​ person does not turn mad yet because of​ a​ certain amount of​ imbalance,​ he remains semi-agitated. They undergo pain for no reason and for no reason they inflict pain on​ others. Such a​ person’s mental state is​ indeed pitiful. Even if​ one merely sees such a​ person,​ one feels intense turmoil. in​ comparison to​ people with bodily diseases,​ not only is​ the​ number of​ people with mental taints infinitely more,​ but that the​ pain too is​ more severe. the​ method of​ curing such illnesses does not lie in​ hospitals but is​ dependent on​ purification of​ the​ mind. the​ cures can take place in​ other ways too yet on​ the​ basis of​ Spiritual Science it​ can be more successfully overcome via sanctification of​ the​ Mental Sheath and other spiritual practices.

Students of​ Anatomy know fully well that nerves conjoined to​ the​ brain are spread out in​ the​ entire body. it​ is​ through these nerves that such an​ intricate ‘machine’ i.e. the​ brain functions aptly. the​ action power,​ experiences of​ the​ sense organs open up in​ the​ brain. the​ sense organs (apparatus) can only gather information and send it​ to​ the​ brain center. When one undergoes mental agitation,​ the​ entire body loosens itself and one’s power of​ actions too lags behind. One’s face becomes sad when one faces fear,​ worries,​ sorrow,​ despair etc. and the​ entire body tends to​ collapse. if​ one studies the​ body language of​ a​ person who is​ extremely furious,​ it​ is​ clear that all his bodily parts get excited and agitated with great intensity. Bang opposite to​ this a​ man full of​ joy and serenity who always experiences good health and thus lives a​ long life. But a​ person full of​ agitation keeps losing bodily weight and is​ seen to​ die at​ a​ very young age. These facts clearly tell us that more than the​ influence of​ food,​ rest,​ water etc. on​ our body,​ it​ is​ the​ influence of​ our mental state that is​ infinitely more intense.

In the​ body via muscular groups and tubeless glands,​ sentiments are active. Our entire body is​ full of​ muscular networks. Ordinarily muscles are white in​ color and are gross like wires. All our organs work with the​ help of​ muscles. the​ main muscle that reaches every organ is​ as​ gross as​ a​ rope. Its branches and sub-branches become more and more thin. Many sub-branches are as​ thin as​ a​ cotton fiber.

Every muscular network has 2 parts 1) Voluntary 2) Involuntary Via actions of​ moving,​ bending,​ swerving,​ picking up objects etc. we move our hands / legs as​ per our wish. This in​ turn is​ due to​ voluntary muscles. But we cannot function thus with involuntary muscles. They carry out tasks of​ our inner organs like heart beats,​ exhaling / inhaling etc.

The center of​ the​ involuntary muscles lives in​ the​ brain and is​ called hypothalamus. it​ is​ this hypothalamus that controls the​ male and female glands. Also an​ enzyme called dopamine oxidase,​ despite being scattered in​ the​ entire body,​ is​ more concentrated in​ the​ central muscular system. Hypothalamus is​ known to​ activate the​ pituitary gland. From this various hormones are secreted which are reactions of​ our sentiments and causes of​ other new sentiments. When new circumstances are created,​ the​ tubeless glands are pressurized and thus they secrete new hormones. These hormones react variedly in​ the​ body and based on​ this,​ new sentiments manifest. For e.g. suppose the​ pituitary gland secretes a​ hormone due to​ the​ pressure of​ a​ germ of​ a​ disease,​ it​ will result in​ intense turbulence in​ the​ body. Such a​ person becomes uneasy and thus falls down on​ the​ bed. Now in​ this state of​ illness,​ all the​ sentiments hoarded in​ the​ sub-conscious mind start manifesting externally. as​ a​ result one sees varied reaction based symptoms in​ the​ body.

When we say that the​ Mental Sheath is​ present in​ the​ brain,​ we mean that it​ is​ its central action office. But its subtle parts i.e. its branches and sub branches are spread all over the​ body. the​ cells of​ the​ brain are more wise and experienced than cells of​ other organs. Hence they are called the​ leaders of​ all cells of​ the​ body. When these leader cells move in​ a​ particular direction,​ the​ other cells follow suit. in​ order that the​ entire subtle body remains healthy,​ joyful,​ zealous and progressive,​ it​ is​ most required that the​ brain too is​ of​ that stature. if​ the​ leader keeps despairing and experiences anguish,​ how can one aspire for advancement? the​ state of​ a​ leader whether positive or​ negative,​ definitely influences his /her followers.

Dr. Fenkel,​ a​ psychologist of​ Vienna opines that the​ mental state influences one’s bodily health. the​ cause of​ mental balance is​ the​ true achievement of​ one’s life. Hence he advanced the​ method of​ “Logotherapy”. Dr. Fenkel believes that if​ a​ person is​ unaware of​ the​ true goal of​ life and its activities,​ he can never remain healthy. the​ basis of​ a​ blissful life is​ attainment of​ the​ true goal of​ human life. Dr. Fenkel’s Logotherapy encompasses discussion of​ topics liked/disliked by his patient so as​ to​ inspire him to​ walk on​ the​ path of​ the​ true goal of​ human life. as​ soon as​ a​ person understands the​ true goal of​ human life,​ he concentrates his mind on​ the​ energies present within him. Thus he imbibes steadfast faith in​ himself and starts regaining good health. if​ the​ mental state is​ healthy,​ it​ can help the​ physical body to​ regain good health.

A definite and clear cut reaction is​ seen on​ the​ gross/physical body due to​ the​ movements of​ the​ subtle body. the​ cause of​ nervous system disorders is​ the​ suppressed vile thoughts of​ our psyche. Even anatomists opine,​ that merely on​ the​ basis of​ mental imprints,​ many bodily diseases manifest. Dr. Tuk,​ the​ author of​ the​ book “Influence of​ the​ Mind upon the​ Body” writes – “Diseases like turmoil,​ indolence,​ bodily organs becoming handicapped,​ bile,​ leprosy,​ hair loss,​ decrease of​ RBC,​ fear,​ kidney diseases,​ distortion of​ the​ bodily organ of​ a​ fetus in​ its mother’s womb,​ skin diseases,​ boils,​ eczema etc. are the​ result of​ mental agitation and vile thinking.” Mental turmoil,​ vile sentiments,​ undesirable thinking are distortions of​ the​ subtle body which clearly influence our physical body. in​ the​ same way a​ sacred viewpoint,​ healthy thinking,​ idealistic thought flow etc. radiates our subtle body and this great influence is​ seen on​ the​ gross body too.

In the​ proposition of​ the​ extraordinary importance of​ positive thinking based on​ high ideals,​ Dr. Benett has put his own case in​ front of​ us. Up to​ the​ age of​ 50 years Dr. Benett lost good health due to​ despair and undesirable thinking. When he read about the​ good influence of​ positive thinking,​ he started imbibing it​ in​ his own life. He renounced the​ inertness of​ his mind along with mental distortions so as​ to​ fill his heart with faith based on​ sacred aspirations. Thus his life overflowed with bliss and serenity. Dr. Benett who had lived a​ life of​ bliss for 20 continuous years,​ printed photographs of​ himself when he was 50 years and another one when he was 70 years,​ in​ his book. the​ photograph when he was 50 years was indeed crestfallen and withered but the​ photograph when he was 70 years old was so full of​ bliss. Where had the​ withered face disappeared? This is​ because at​ the​ age of​ 70 years,​ he looked youthful and oozed with zest for life.

Up till now all research studies of​ this sort indicate that if​ one’s mind / intellect are agitated,​ that person too experiences pain. Hatred,​ jealousy,​ greed etc. definitely affect a​ person in​ a​ big way. When the​ intellect experiences bliss,​ all bodily cells too rejoice. All these cells experience oneness between themselves. if​ one cell experiences pain /joy,​ other cells too get influenced. They share their joys and sorrows. Their mutual relationship of​ oneness is​ amazing. There are rare examples of​ true friendship,​ intense oneness and sympathy for one another. Imagine that one particular individual is​ extremely hungry. in​ front of​ him is​ a​ plate of​ delicious food items. at​ that moment he gets a​ phone call that a​ beloved one has died. Immediately his mind is​ crowded with thoughts of​ his beloved kin. the​ mind experiences oneness with the​ kin. the​ cells of​ the​ brain get agitated. This agitation is​ immediately passed on​ to​ the​ entire body. the​ tongue starts drying up. Those cells which were previously screaming for food due to​ hunger were now silenced. the​ heart and other organs too slump. the​ heart sinks,​ the​ eyes are covered with darkness and the​ body slumps. Thus the​ entire body is​ influenced by this mental turmoil. it​ is​ very clear that the​ state of​ the​ brain cells influence the​ state of​ the​ bodily cells.

The famous scientist cum author Dr. Bennett in​ his book “Old Age – Cause and Prevention” writes about a​ very entertaining and educative incident. a​ 16-year old French girl decided to​ marry a​ young man of​ American origin. Because the​ young man was poor,​ it​ was decided that he would first earn wealth in​ America and then return to​ France to​ get married. Within three years the​ young man earned a​ lot of​ wealth but as​ luck would have it,​ he was involved in​ a​ court case and thus could not return to​ France for 16 years. After 16 years when he returned to​ France,​ he was amazed to​ see that the​ health and beauty of​ his fiancée remained unchanged and hence even now at​ an​ advanced age,​ she radiated beauty of​ a​ 16 year old girl.

While analyzing the​ above incident Dr. Bennett writes – Mother Nature controls the​ human body in​ such a​ manner that every cell of​ the​ body,​ which lives for 90 days is​ disposed off from the​ body via bodily dirt,​ just as​ the​ dirt in​ the​ sea is​ taken to​ the​ shores by flow and ebb of​ tides. Old age means the​ activity of​ cell transformation which gets depleted as​ one starts aging. But in​ the​ above incident,​ Mother Nature’s influence of​ aging was warded off. Why was it​ so?

Dr. Bennett induced the​ woman to​ give an​ answer and she said – Every day I stood in​ front of​ a​ full length mirror and stared at​ myself. I would keep thinking that I am exactly as​ I was yesterday. My body could not be influenced by the​ day’s changes. This steadfastness of​ my will power,​ kept me joyous and zestful everyday. This is​ the​ very reason why I am looking like a​ 16 year old girl despite being actually 34 years old.” He clearly understood the​ value of​ purification of​ the​ subtle body,​ elevation of​ our thinking and one’s power of​ resolve (Sankalp-Shakti) after reading the​ book written by a​ great spiritualist,​ Dr. Marden called “An Iron Ball”. Dr. Marden writes “If only man reforms his thinking and raises the​ level of​ his character,​ he can also transform his physical body.” These precepts became a​ medicinal herb for him which gave a​ new life to​ millions of​ humans. if​ one imbibes love for all,​ friendship,​ compassion and generous thinking,​ anyone can benefit immensely.

Based on​ one’s emotions the​ network of​ veins in​ our brain either spread out widely or​ shrink in​ size and thus manifest sensitive reactions.

It is​ unhealthy thoughts that give rise to​ bodily diseases. Right from an​ ordinary headache to​ an​ intense one called migraine,​ it​ is​ emotional tension that is​ its root cause. as​ a​ result the​ veins contract and thus the​ headaches start all over again. Today it​ has been observed that the​ cause of​ 85% of​ headaches is​ sentimental tension.

Because of​ sentimental tension and that of​ the​ network of​ veins people after partaking their meals,​ experience that their heart is​ heavy and the​ food refuses to​ move downwards. Due to​ excessive tension,​ one feels nauseous and the​ heart gets agitated.

Muscular diseases that are a​ result of​ emotional tension,​ show symptoms of​ belching,​ stomach heaviness,​ wind based distortions along with those of​ the​ skin,​ eczema,​ itching etc.

Today regarding hip pain it​ is​ said that majority of​ them are due to​ emotional stress.

Despite knowing that majority of​ today’s diseases are the​ result of​ emotional stress,​ a​ major question arises as​ to​ how does one tackle emotional stress? the​ answer is​ simple – imbibing a​ wise viewpoint in​ ones’ daily routine. Without practice this wise viewpoint can never be fully imbibed. it​ is​ only via practice that one looks upon life as​ a​ joyous game and that it​ is​ not like a​ heavy burden carried by an​ aging mule. the​ true royal path to​ be followed encompasses understanding of​ our limitations,​ making apt use of​ our bodily/mental energy,​ warding off our selfish ego,​ shouldering responsibilities and always advancing one’s creative thoughts in​ one’s daily living.

Ordinarily we wrongly look upon harshness,​ anger,​ fights etc. as​ a​ synonym of​ energy whereas a​ psychologist labels all this as​ “childish tantrums”. These are in​ fact symbols of​ weakness. a​ truly powerful person is​ humble and steadfast in​ ideals. Anger and an​ argumentative attitude is​ the​ creation of​ weakness. Practice of​ simplicity/ self-control is​ the​ fount of​ energy. But remember that futile anger vented against one’s own weakness,​ too is​ not beneficial. Because vile imprints in​ one’s psyche have gathered slowly over a​ long period of​ time,​ it​ becomes apparent that to​ uproot them,​ one should patiently work hard in​ a​ slow but sure manner. the​ best method is​ intense,​ ceaseless practice to​ uproot vile imprints of​ the​ mind. One should always remember that the​ basis of​ diseases is​ vileness of​ the​ mind and unethical activity. Thus it​ is​ easy to​ overcome them by imbibing purity of​ mind,​ love,​ compassion and working for the​ welfare of​ the​ entire world.

It is​ also possible to​ wash / clean the​ intellect via scientific methods. Yet spiritual methods are more powerful and capable. Its influence is​ infinitely more supreme.

According to​ the​ technique of​ Electrical Stimulation of​ Brain (E.S.B.),​ many Asian Universities have partly succeeded in​ brain washing. This has so far been experimented on​ lower species like rats,​ monkeys,​ rabbits,​ dogs,​ cats etc. They completely forget to​ show liking for food,​ enmity,​ friendship,​ fear,​ attacking others etc. and instead behave in​ a​ very strange manner. a​ cat was made to​ confront a​ rat,​ yet instead of​ attacking the​ rat,​ the​ cat got scared and started hiding out of​ fear. Further experimentation showed them attacking one another in​ a​ bloody manner,​ embracing one another in​ the​ very next moment etc. due to​ electrical influence. This electricity was aimed at​ the​ brain cells. This holds true for human beings too. Man’s brain is​ more sacred. it​ has a​ greater power of​ reacting and hence in​ order to​ change it,​ more effort shall have to​ be made. it​ will take time to​ attain total success but the​ clear principles unearthed via research opines that even man can be induced to​ think in​ a​ certain manner,​ made to​ believe in​ certain ideals and instigated to​ imbibe a​ specific mode of​ action.

The spiritual practices pertaining to​ the​ Mental Sheath not only cleans the​ brain but also makes it​ more advanced,​ cultured and sacred.

The Mental Sheath encompasses the​ entire bodily and psychic arena. it​ influences both these areas. Because it​ is​ in​ a​ disarranged and distorted state in​ the​ psyche,​ its reaction is​ in​ the​ form of​ a​ destructive influence on​ the​ bodily and psychic area. When our individuality is​ turbulent,​ our viewpoint and actions too get tainted. as​ a​ result our activities turn vile. it​ is​ thus clear that under these circumstances,​ only agitations and strife will be witnessed. Many obstructions will crop up. Chaos and danger will attack us. Our entire life will be converted to​ hell. None can save us from this hell because even if​ out of​ ignorance,​ we point fingers at​ others for our downfall,​ the​ fact remains that it​ is​ we ourselves who are responsible for it. the​ precept of​ the​ mental state manifesting as​ external circumstances is​ so clear that none can refute it. Without transforming our inner character,​ we cannot come out of​ this hell-like situation. Without overcoming obstacles in​ our daily lives,​ we cannot elevate ourselves. We cannot overcome external circumstances without changing our minds.

The Mental Sheath blesses us with various types of​ skills and successes. Sometimes certain special people have extraordinary mental capabilities. the​ memory of​ certain people is​ so advanced that others can only be wonderstruck. Some people manifest skills at​ a​ very young age and thus gain immense name and fame. the​ answer to​ this extraordinary talent is​ that the​ Mental Sheath of​ such individuals is​ highly activated. From their previous births they have collected so much talent that it​ is​ manifesting at​ a​ very young age in​ this birth. as​ per the​ Theory of​ Karma (Action) man comes into this world with psychic imprints (Sanskars) of​ innumerable past births. Hence it​ could be that the​ Mental Sheath of​ such talented people is​ more evolved.

Behind all these amazing events,​ the​ secret is​ that the​ scattered mind gets focused. Coincidences of​ these types are based on​ certain cosmic laws. Attainments of​ past births play a​ major role in​ such causes. Man enters this world along with psychic imprints (Sanskars) of​ innumerable births. Amongst them one could be intellectual evolution. This evolution is​ not just the​ result of​ school education or​ teachings of​ close relatives. in​ fact this is​ just an​ increase in​ informative knowledge. if​ the​ flow of​ electrical energy of​ a​ powerful brain turns in​ the​ direction of​ a​ weak brain,​ an​ intense change takes place in​ its sharpness and this can be seen as​ a​ rise in​ the​ measure of​ special proteins of​ the​ brain. For intellectual nourishment,​ proximity of​ thinkers with an​ advanced consciousness is​ very useful. Their powerful vital force can fulfill the​ lack of​ a​ weak brain. in​ laboratories normal electricity is​ directed towards special cells of​ the​ brain and for a​ certain time span,​ the​ nature of​ these creatures can be transformed. the​ vital force of​ radiant people can influence the​ mental state of​ weak-minded people in​ a​ permanent manner.

Yale resident Dr. George Delgodo,​ a​ brain specialist has proved via his researches that the​ brain can either be activated or​ made more latent by directing external electricity towards it. Thus such a​ person can be induced to​ carry out various tasks and commands.

The audience was wonderstruck when Dr. George publicly exhibited his experiments. His hands had an​ electrical apparatus and in​ certain parts and certain number of​ the​ brain region of​ various creatures,​ electrodes were placed. Thus a​ radio type communication was set up between the​ machine and a​ living creature. on​ the​ basis of​ induced instructions,​ a​ creature acts in​ such a​ manner which is​ bang opposite to​ his otherwise normal nature. Peace loving beings became ferocious and ferocious creatures became astonishingly calm. Under the​ influence of​ this external electric treatment,​ buffalos,​ monkeys,​ rats,​ cats etc. behaved in​ a​ manner which was totally unexpected by the​ layman.

These experiments have been carried out on​ human beings too and by controlling their powers of​ will,​ wisdom and action,​ they were forced to​ think and act in​ a​ desired manner.

The rare quaality of​ memory power is​ so advanced in​ certain individuals,​ that one can only be amazed. Raivi Elija of​ Lithunia was well-known for memorizing 2 thousand books. He was tested in​ various ways and always came out with flying colors. the​ French political leader Lian Gaiswata was very fond of​ Victor Hugo’s writings. He had memorized many pages of​ these books and time and again he quoted them form his sharp memory. Not one word was out of​ place. in​ fact he knew which line was written on​ which page number.

Richard Porsan,​ a​ Greek scholar,​ memorized many books which he had read. What he read today could be quoted by him even after one month passed by and he would recite it​ as​ though he had just read it​ a​ few minutes back. Harry Nelson Pilsbury an​ American citizen called the​ Magician of​ Chess could memorize the​ moves of​ 20 chess players and could simultaneously direct them. All this was carried out with zeal and zest. Many players were taught by him and thus the​ game moved on​ speedily. German’s famous librarian Maithurin Besiray could impeccably repeat what others said once only. He had the​ amazing capacity to​ repeat flawlessly,​ conversations with others in​ languages that were totally alien to​ him. Once 12 people,​ speaking 12 different languages were conversing. And Maithurin flawlessly repeated their conversation one by one. an​ 8-year old son of​ Burmans called Jera Colburn would give answers of​ extremely difficult mathematical problems without calculating them with pen and paper. He amazed all great Mathematicians of​ London with his superb mathematical skills. Even John Martin Des of​ Hamburg was well-known for answering mathematical problems orally. in​ those days his mathematical brain was so advanced that even today’s advanced mathematical computers fail to​ match his skills.

The great biologist Holger Heider of​ Gottenburg University,​ after analyzing the​ strange movements of​ the​ brain based on​ Molecular Biological studies,​ concluded that the​ educative and thinking tasks that make the​ intellect alert,​ augments the​ proportion of​ certain chemicals in​ the​ brain cells. Thus they become more sensitive and make widespread,​ the​ area of​ intelligence.

This proves that the​ act of​ evolving the​ area of​ the​ brain not only purifies the​ brain area but that other areas too can be influenced. Intelligence and radiance are 2 sides of​ mental alertness. This mental alertness can be seen right from birth itself,​ as​ a​ result of​ spiritual capacities gathered form innumerable previous lives. Further it​ can be augmented by undergoing spiritual practices. By imbibing the​ spiritual practice of​ purification of​ the​ Mental Sheath,​ one can enter this area.

There was a​ translator in​ U.S.S.R. who could translate one source language into 4 target languages at​ one and the​ same time and this he would do by dictating the​ translated matters to​ 4 stenographers for 4 different languages.

When a​ philosopher called Jeremy Benthem was 4 years old,​ he could speak correct Latin and Greek. Germany’s Mathematician called Javarious amazed everyone by mentally adding numbers that had 200 digits. a​ garage mechanic of​ U.S.A. could memorize innumerable car number plates and on​ seeing any car,​ he could describe how it​ had been repaired previously.

When John Francis of​ Columbia University was appointed as​ a​ Professor of​ Natural History,​ his age was only 16 years.

Once Oxford University made extra arrangements for mathematical training of​ a​ 4 year old girl called Babel Thompson. This girl has mastered Numerology,​ Trigonometry and primary Material Sciences at​ a​ very young age. How can one educate a​ girl who has not undergone the​ curriculum of​ primary education? to​ solve this problem,​ a​ special panel of​ top educationists has been set up.

Madras Music Academy announced a​ special scholarship for a​ 2½ year old boy called Ravi Kiran for his outstanding singing skills. Not only did Ravi Kiran master the​ art of​ playing various musical instruments but that he would immediately point out errors on​ the​ part of​ other musicians.

A Japanese citizen called Hanava Hokaishee was born in​ the​ year 1722 and he died at​ the​ age of​ 101 years in​ the​ year 1823. at​ the​ age of​ 7 years he became blind. Yet despite being blind,​ he alertly heard what others said and thus imbibed knowledge. He would very skillfully hear others and log it​ into his brain. as​ a​ result his brain was so radiant that people were wonderstruck. Later in​ Japan a​ book of​ 2820 chapters was published on​ the​ basis of​ Hanava’s knowledge. Up till today this is​ the​ biggest book in​ the​ world.

An 8-year old child of​ Vermont called Jera Colburn,​ without studying mathematics systematically and without any calculations using pen and paper,​ answered very difficult mathematical questions and thus he amazed other great mathematicians. When a​ difficult mathematical problem was given to​ other great Mathematicians,​ they would take some time to​ solve them but Colburn would answer the​ same problem in​ a​ flash of​ a​ moment. Thus people were wonderstruck because Colburn had never studied various theorems,​ riders,​ laws etc. of​ Mathematics.

Once a​ Mathematician called Jodia Wallston was immersed in​ a​ mathematical problem which was very difficult. One day he met John Martin Des who possessed a​ powerful intellect. Des solved that problem in​ a​ few seconds. This was because Des was famous everywhere for solving difficult mathematical problems in​ a​ flash.

Sir John Fielding was a​ Judge in​ England. Although he was blind,​ his ears were so alert that he could recognize the​ voice of​ 3000 criminals whose case he had heard. He could easily identify them and name these criminals. After many years when the​ case was over,​ they would come to​ meet Sir John who would with the​ help of​ his sharp hearing capacity,​ identify those criminals. This radiant memory of​ Sir John was revered by all for a​ great time span.

A famous poet called Francisco Mairiya Garibaldi was born in​ the​ 14th century. He was an​ Italian. He was blessed with the​ art of​ writing poems with both his hands simultaneously. One poem he wrote in​ Latin and the​ other in​ ancient Greek.

The chief pastor of​ Canterbury,​ Thomas Fracker created a​ rare record by memorizing the​ Bible in​ only 3 months. He was born in​ the​ year 1724 and died in​ 1812. the​ well-known poet of​ Scotland,​ Duncan Mac Intayar was famous not only in​ his country but in​ entire Europe. But he neither knew how to​ read or​ write. He had evolved his skills only by listening and understanding.

A Greek called Porson had memorized all poems written by Milton and he could recite it​ not only straight but in​ a​ reverse manner too.

Once Lokroj,​ amazed his audience due to​ his powerful memory. He first heard 12 poetries of​ 12 different languages which he had never studied before and the​ very next moment,​ he repeated these poems with precision.

The director of​ the​ National Library of​ Munich,​ Joseph Bernard Duncan had a​ powerful memory. He not only studied 6 different languages but mastered them too. He would ask 6 stenographers of​ 6 different languages to​ take dictation in​ those 6 languages. it​ is​ thus very rare to​ find so much knowledge in​ the​ intellect alongwith a​ powerful memory.

An Indian lady called Shakuntala Devi who was called Wizard of​ Mathematics,​ once gave a​ show on​ London T.V. at​ that time one person asked her to​ solve a​ difficult mathematical problem. in​ a​ flash she answered,​ that the​ problem asked itself was incorrect. This question had been constructed by great Mathematicians of​ Britain. Hence everyone wondered how could this question be wrong? But when the​ B.B.C. crew members got this question analyzed,​ they found that truly this mathematical problem / question was incorrect. They also accepted that,​ “the power and capacity of​ the​ brain is​ much more than how much we actually understand.”

University of​ New South Wales in​ Sydney (Australia) had a​ computer that weighed 20,​000 pounds. This computer functioned with the​ help of​ electricity and was operated by the​ great Mathematicians,​ R. G. Smart and Barry Thornton. When a​ question of​ Mathematics was fed into the​ computer,​ it​ took some time in​ answering it​ but Shakuntala Devi answered it​ in​ a​ flash before the​ computer gave its answer. Everyone was amazed that Shakuntala Devi’s answer was cent percent correct.

With reference to​ the​ amazing powers of​ the​ mind,​ scientists have carried out various research studies and the​ Psychological Research Committee has published all the​ data in​ a​ book called “The Human Personality and Its Survival of​ Bodily Death”. in​ this book examples of​ small children have been published,​ who were so skilful in​ fields like mathematics,​ music,​ art etc. that even their teachers could not match them in​ their talent. Adi Shankaracharya too had amazed his preceptor with his radiant intellect. When a​ 5 year old boy possesses a​ very radiant intellect without undergoing primary education,​ means that he has gathered this brilliance from his past births. the​ attainments of​ past lives are proof of​ the​ independent existence of​ the​ soul.

Two hundred years back,​ a​ boy called Harris Hanenken was born in​ Germany. When he was 3 years old,​ he memorized thousands of​ Latin sayings. He could easily add,​ subtract,​ multiply,​ divide numbers. at​ this tender age he decided to​ study French and Geography. the​ creator of​ “Cybernatics”,​ Weiner was 5 years old. He started taking interest in​ Science just like 18-year old students. Gateux wrote poems at​ the​ tender age of​ 6 years. Byron,​ Scott and Darwin who gained fame for the​ Theory of​ Evolution were very brilliant even as​ small children. the​ first scientific study of​ Pascal was published at​ the​ age of​ 15 years and in​ it,​ he had proved more than 100 scientific problems.

America’s material scientist,​ Dr. Stevenson has gathered 600 examples in​ which children up to​ the​ age of​ 14 years have given proof of​ the​ events of​ their past births. Out of​ these 170 were Indian children.

a​ 3 year old talented boy of​ Germany called Hamen Ken was a​ leader in​ research of​ the​ brain. Not only did he study advanced scientific texts at​ that age,​ but he could also analyze them in​ detail.

The principle of​ attainments via spiritual practices works in​ all areas of​ life. Everyone knows that hard work reaps rich dividends. People take up various tasks in​ this world only because they are convinced that any action will definitely give fruits. This holds true for spiritual practices too. if​ it​ is​ based on​ spiritual precepts and carried out systematically,​ one will definitely reap rich fruits.

In order to​ awaken/purify the​ Mental Sheath,​ concentration and meditation are given a​ lot of​ importance. as​ a​ result of​ this,​ one’s Sankalpa(power of​ resolve) becomes steadfast and that we focus intensely on​ our goal. Benefits like advancing of​ the​ intellect and activation of​ brilliance in​ one’s character too are attained.


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Use those rules,​ and of​ course,​ read the​ rules on​ each site you​ submit to,​ and more of​ your listings will be approved.
Are paid submissions worth it?
With the​ exception of​ perhaps Yahoo,​ I​ do not believe so .​
The increase in​ link quality is​ just not worth the​ expense,​ in​ my opinion.

5 Natural And Nonnatural Acne Treatments

5 Natural and​ NonNatural Acne Treatments
At one point all of​ us have been trying to​ find ways on​ how to​ be completely acnefree. ​ Here are some natural and​ not so natural acne treatments that are proven to​ be effective.
1. ​ Witch Hazel Astringent
This astringent comes from the​ plant with the​ same name. ​ it​ is​ widely spread from Nova Scotia in​ Canada down to​ Texas and​ Florida. ​ Simply steam the​ twigs of​ this plant and​ voila! the​ extract you​ get from it​ serves as​ your astringent. ​ Remember to​ cool it​ though. ​ What’s good about this is​ that it​ occurs naturally and​ even the​ process it​ has undergone is​ all natural. ​ You can be assured it​ is​ less harsh compared with commerciallyproduced astringents.
2. ​ Commercially Produced Astringents
There is​ no doubt that astringents we can buy overthecounter are also effective. ​ There are lots of​ variants to​ choose from with additional ingredients that promote better skin. ​ The only downside is​ it​ can be a​ …

Cross Training for Fitness and Fat loss

Cross Training for Fitness and Fat loss
A small amount of fat is needed for padding the internal organs and as insulation under the skin. Excess fat leads to such diseases as diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and gallbladder problems. There are very few, very fat persons. The reason is that the fittest, not the fattest survive.
The numbers on your scale do not indicate whether you are fit or fat. Far more significant than your total body weight is the composition of your body tissue. If a man’s fatty tissue is bigger than 14% up to 15% of his body mass, or if a woman’s is more than 20% to 22%, he or she is overweight, or more precisely, over fat.

The problem now is focused on how to resolve the problem. The problem with most people who want to lose weight is that they have the propensity to concentrate more on getting those numbers lower than what they are seeing now. What happens next is that they strive harder to achieve a lower weight, according to the …

Yoga Supine pose Knee down twist (sputa matsyendrasana)

Supine pose Knee down twist (sputa matsyendrasana) Lying on your back you bring your arms to the sides of the body with the palms facing down. Bend the right knee and place the right foot on the left knee. While exhaling you drop the right knee over the left side of your body twisting the spine and lower back. Look at the right hand, keeping the shoulder flat on the floor you relax into this posture. When doing yoga poses at home make sure to put a soft foam mat or anything similar on the floor to support your back when lying down. Yoga postures are not supposed to hurt when doing them, so if you feel that your body does not want to go any further, don't push it.

Ways To Get A Low Cost Mortgage Loan

Ways to​ Get a​ Low Cost Mortgage Loan
Everyone needs a​ mortgage loan,​ but for some,​ they can get a​ lower costing financing if​ they know how to​ look for and secure it .​
The options are really many in​ this type of​ lending yet few people actually take the​ time to​ find the​ right choice for their needs .​
By cutting back the​ interest rate of​ a​ loan,​ an​ individual can actually save thousands of​ dollars over the​ course of​ paying off their home .​
This means that some are overpaying by at​ least that much .​
Here are some of​ the​ ways that you​ can save on​ the​ purchase of​ your next home.
Ways to​ Lower Cost
Raise your credit rating .​
Spend a​ month or​ more working to​ improve your credit score .​
If you​ can raise it​ by even a​ few points you​ will be doing very well to​ help you​ get a​ lower rate of​ interest on​ your mortgage loan .​
To do this,​ lower the​ total amount of​ money that you​ owe in​ debts and keep making your payments on​ time each month .​
Keep you…

7 Tips On Maintaining Acne Free Skin

7 Tips on​ Maintaining Acne Free Skin
Having that nasty zit is​ sometimes quite annoying. ​
In fact,​ it​ is​ a​ great factor on​ suffering low selfesteem particularly on​ young people whose main focus at ​ puberty is​ the​ physical attribute. ​
Preventing acne breakout is​ not a​ piece of​ cake that is​ why even if ​ you​ know everything about acne control,​ the​ acne still shows up every now and​ then. ​
The lack of​ time to​ maintain acne free regimen daily contributes to​ the​ breakout. ​
So how do you​ maintain your acne free skin? Here’s how
1. ​
Do not prick the​ acne affected area. ​
Touching it​ with bare hands can cause further irritation. ​
Unclean hands carry undesirable microorganism that can cause acne. ​
So it​ is​ rather safe to​ keep your hands or​ any other object from your face to​ impede the​ inflammation of​ the​ acne and​ scarring of​ the​ skin as​ well.
2. ​
Avoid using oilbased products on​ your hair. ​
Guys and​ girls wear hair products to​ improve their appeara…

A Construction Resume Will Show Off Your Technical Knowledge And Qualifications As Well As Your Related Experience

A Construction Resume Will Show Off Your Technical Knowledge and​ Qualifications as​ Well as​ Your Related Experience.
With the​ world constantly expanding its horizons, more and​ more buildings are being constructed and​ rules and​ regulations are getting tighter .​
Your construction resume will reflect your technical skills and​ advanced knowledge.
Basically a​ construction resume should contain your full name, permanent address, telephone numbers and​ email addresses .​
Apart from that a​ construction resume should include the​ following information .​
A clear cut career and​ job objective which shows your sense of​ direction to​ the​ employer .​
Your construction resume should have the​ names of​ each of​ your employers and​ your corresponding job titles .​
Give a​ brief description about the​ employer like what they are doing, if​ they are not well known .​
Highlight any community activities and​ membership with professional organizations .​
Mention the​ size, value of​ the​ projec…

Contact Lens Discounts

Contact lenses have made lives simpler for millions of​ people world wide, today no matter what part of​ the globe you are from if​ you have ever worn a​ pair of​ glasses in​ your life chances are you have considered getting contact lenses. Contact lenses are worn by over 125 million people the world over. Apart from helping people get rid of​ glasses, contact lenses also offer many more features that conventional visual aids like glasses cannot offer.
As mentioned earlier the biggest advantage of​ contact lenses is​ that they are almost invisible, and unless a​ person tells you he or​ she is​ wearing contact lenses it​ is​ almost impossible to​ find out. a​ majority of​ the people in​ the world today wear contact lenses for this cosmetic purpose alone. it​ is​ not uncommon for people to​ completely ditch their glasses in​ exchange for contact lenses. Apart from making people with glasses look prettier, contact lenses also have more scientific advantages spectacles to​ do not have.

Reiki Symbols

The three important symbols given to a student during Level 2 attunement are Cho Ku Rei or the power symbol, Sei He Ki or the emotional and mental healing symbol, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or the distance healing symbol. The symbols 'hon sha ze sho nen' and 'dai ko myo' were written in kanji language. The reiki symbols are the vibrations one will experience when one is in state of reiki Samadhi. 

We need to get these symbol attuned from a reiki master. As time passed, the original form of these symbols started getting lost. 

For example when madam Takata made reiki masters, there would have been different types of 'hon sha ze sho nen' and 'dai ko myo'. 

It was to preserve their original form that they were drawn on paper so that nobody can further introduce any modifications in how they are drawn. The 'Sei he ki' symbol is used to overcome the obstacles in path of reiki energy. 

brings back the balance where imbalances exist whether it be in body or …

Words Are Extremely Important - The Game of Life

A woman came to me and asked me to "speak the word" that she would marry a certain man with whom she was very much in love. (She called him K. E.)
I replied that this would be a violation of spiritual law, but that I would speak the word for the right man, the "divine selection," the man who belonged to her by divine right. I added, "If K. E. is the right man you can't lose him, and if he isn't, you will receive his
equivalent." She saw K. E. frequently but no headway was made in their friendship. One evening she called, and said, "Do you know, for the last week, K. E. hasn't seemed so wonderful to me." I
replied, "Maybe he is not the divine selection—another man may be the right one." Soon after that, she met another man who fell in love with her at once, and who said she was his ideal. In fact, he
said all the things that she had always wished K. E. would say to her.
She remarked, "It was quite uncanny."
She soon retu…