The Pride Luxury Line

Over the​ past 20 years there have been many changes around the​ world. we​ have seen the​ destruction of​ the​ Berlin Wall,​ the​ connection of​ millions through the​ internet,​ and the​ boom and bust of​ the​ dot com bubble. There have also been tremendous changes and advancements in​ the​ home mobility equipment industry which has greatly benefited those who are,​ or​ those who take care of​ people who are,​ mobility challenged. One company that has helped to​ lead the​ charge in​ refining and developing medical technology is​ Pride Mobility Products Corporation. They have devoted millions to​ researching,​ engineering,​ and testing home mobility equipment with the​ customer's well being at​ the​ center of​ their heart. No product leaves their doors with out being fully inspected and evaluated One of​ the​ areas that they have helped to​ spear head is​ the​ lift chair industry and they have several well known and quality lines of​ lift chairs that are suited to​ fit the​ needs of​ millions of​ Americans.

One of​ Pride Mobility's most deluxe lines of​ lift chairs is​ the​ Luxury Line. There are over 20 chairs in​ the​ Luxury Line. All of​ the​ chairs in​ the​ Pride Luxury Line incorporate a​ state of​ the​ art lifting system with an​ elegant and well built hardwood frame. Most include a​ lifetime warranty on​ the​ steel lift frame,​ and a​ 7 year warranty on​ the​ rest of​ the​ mechanical parts. the​ luxury line incorporates an​ environmentally friendly foam that uses very little petroleum in​ its production. the​ use of​ this foam in​ no way degrades the​ sitting experience and actually greatly improves it​ because it​ is​ so comfortable. the​ chair itself is​ flame retardant and can withstand contact with an​ open flame for up to​ 12 seconds. Depending on​ the​ model they have a​ seat width of​ 18 inches to​ 26 inches and can support between 300 and 375 pounds.

There are many different lift chairs in​ the​ Luxury Line that offer special added features. the​ Pride LL-670 Lift Chair Bed includes a​ mattress that is​ designed to​ fit on​ top of​ the​ lift chair making it​ much more comfortable to​ sleep. the​ Pride LL-571 has flip open armrests that offer drink holders as​ well as​ a​ place to​ store things like remotes and books. Another model with functionality and comfort in​ mind is​ the​ PMR-570T. This chair has removable armrests that make transfer into and out of​ the​ chair much easier. All of​ the​ models offer superior comfort and quality.

The lift chairs manufactured by Pride Mobility Products are some of​ the​ finest in​ the​ industry. They are all designed with comfort and usability in​ mind. the​ Luxury Line goes one step farther and establishes an​ incredibly high standard that is​ used as​ a​ benchmark for other companies in​ the​ home mobility equipment industry. With all the​ added features and luxuries it​ would be easy to​ think that a​ lift chair in​ the​ Luxury Line was very expensive,​ but this is​ not the​ case at​ all. the​ Luxury Line is​ very well priced and offers comfort that can not be matched.

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