The Photo Features Of The New Ipod Video

The photo features of​ the​ new iPod video

One of​ the​ newest and most popular digital devices on​ the​ market today is,​ without any doubt,​ the​ new video iPod .​
The small device has improved significantly since the​ last model` s launching and the​ main evolution is​ represented by the​ capacity of​ playing videos .​

Still,​ the​ new iPod video is​ not all about watching movies or​ music video clips,​ as​ it​ has various improvements since the​ last model,​ different accessories and improved capacities .​
As the​ producing company Apple claims,​ regarding the​ evolution of​ the​ product: Witness the​ evolution of​ the​ revolution .​
First it​ played songs .​
Then photos .​
Then pod casts .​
Now iPod plays video .​
Importing and saving photos was an​ important characteristic of​ the​ last models of​ iPod and it​ still is,​ even with the​ new video feature .​

IPod video,​ just like the​ previous generations of​ iPods,​ can import photos in​ digital format from either a​ camera or​ a​ card reader .​
One of​ the​ best options for these is​ the​ Apple Camera Connector,​ which works with both a​ camera and a​ USB card reader .​
Still,​ the​ usage of​ the​ Apple Camera Connector or​ Belkin Media Reader (for the​ other generations of​ iPods,​ excluding the​ iPod video,​ which is​ not compatible with Belkin) might cause the​ intense usage of​ the​ battery of​ the​ iPod,​ as​ well .​
With the​ USB 1.1 camera,​ the​ battery remains half charged after the​ procedure .​
While transferring the​ pictures with the​ UBB 1 .​
camera,​ the​ iPod shows the​ thumbnails of​ the​ imported images .​
At the​ end of​ the​ transport,​ the​ images can be browsed,​ but they can not be displayed on​ TV .​

The new iPod video provides some options for the​ photo album,​ due to​ the​ high quality of​ the​ images and pictures .​
These can be rated or​ they can form slideshows and a​ major plus this fact that the​ new iPod video provides full-size thumbnails of​ photos .​

Another characteristic of​ the​ 5th generation of​ iPods which is​ connected with the​ photo feature is​ the​ large color screen that this version of​ the​ iPod provides .​
The screen is​ the​ largest-yet display which was created since the​ appearance of​ these items on​ the​ market .​
Even more,​ the​ screen shows sharp texts and optimized brightness; so long titles can be read easily .​
Due to​ this fact,​ the​ photos are large and sharp,​ as​ well .​
Even though the​ company Apple advertises the​ new battery life (which became 20 hours from 16 hours of​ the​ last model of​ iPods),​ the​ battery runs down quickly if​ the​ backlight is​ on​ .​
Still,​ the​ backlight is​ not necessary in​ most situations,​ as​ the​ text is​ readable and the​ images have a​ good visibility in​ sunlight or​ in​ intense indoor light .​

The photo importing and saving feature of​ the​ new iPod video has significantly changed in​ comparison with the​ last model of​ these devices,​ which lead to​ a​ better response from the​ public and a​ more optimized device .​
With the​ new range of​ importing and saving pictures,​ the​ video iPod presents improvements in​ this domain,​ together with the​ obvious improvements in​ the​ video processing .​
The Apple company symbolizes the​ capacity of​ the​ new iPod video,​ mentioning that the​ new device can store up to​ 15 000 songs,​ 25 000 photos and up to​ 150 hours of​ video .​
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