The Perfect French Polynesia Luxury Hotel Is The Pacific Island Resort Of Te Tiare Beach On The Tahitian Island Of Huahine

If you are looking for the​ ultimate French Polynesia luxury hotel,​ and one that is​ off the​ beaten track,​ then look no further than the​ Te Tiare Beach Resort,​ for an​ exotic Tahitian vacation.

To access the​ resort you need a​ boat,​ following a​ 35 minute flight from Tahiti,​ and then a​ short drive on​ Huahine,​ followed by 15 minutes on​ the​ boat.

My wife and I visited the​ Te Tire Beach Resort as​ part of​ a​ South Pacific tour,​ and we​ only had three days,​ four nights in​ this French Polynesia luxury hotel. I have always wanted to​ have an​ exotic Tahiti vacation,​ so were we​ pleased or​ disappointed.

The first thing to​ say is​ that we​ loved it,​ and whilst photographs never do a​ place justice,​ equally the​ photographs don’t show shortcomings either. I don’t know why we​ thought we​ could have an​ inexpensive/cheap Tahitian vacation,​ because the​ one thing about French Polynesia is,​ that it​ isn’t cheap by any means!!

The second thing to​ say is​ how beautiful the​ large scale views of​ the​ islands,​ and the​ water is,​ but what is​ specially nice about Huahine is​ the​ fact it​ isn’t as​ touristy. in​ fact Te Tiare Beach is​ one of​ the​ most beautiful and tranquil spots we​ came upon in​ French Polynesia.

Te Tiare is​ a​ real gem of​ a​ Pacific Island resort. we​ had a​ huge deep overwater bungalow,​ which had a​ large private sun deck. the​ best thing about it​ was the​ swimming,​ straight off the​ deck,​ with no speedboats,​ jet skis,​ water skiers,​ just peace and total tranquillity,​ absolutely fabulous,​ and very unusual if​ our experience of​ other French Polynesia luxury hotels is​ anything to​ go by.

I can’t say the​ rooms were salubrious,​ but we​ didn’t pick a​ south pacific vacation destination for room interiors!!

The view was more than enough!!

If I was to​ be pedantic the​ beach was a​ bit small,​ never busy,​ but a​ bit small,​ but we​ both swam all the​ time off the​ sundeck,​ and anyway I hate wading out from a​ beach.

We didn’t take the​ meal plan,​ because it​ seemed pointless to​ be on​ an​ exotic Tahiti vacation,​ and not explore,​ so we​ hired a​ car,​ and explored both the​ islands that make up Huahine,​ and consequently ate out a​ lot.

To be honest the​ food didn’t do a​ lot for me,​ but I did enjoy eating lunch at​ the​ Pension Maurii on​ Avea Bay,​ and mai tai’s and dinner at​ Te Marare in​ Fare.

Te Tiare is​ a​ beautiful understated resort,​ and we​ much preferred Huahine to​ BoraBora,​ much more innocent,​much less tourist shops and tat.

If you want a​ genuine French Polynesia luxury hotel come here.

Just beware,​ life here is​ expensive,​ but then who counts when you are on​ vacation!!!

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