The Mirage Has Undergone A Major Transformation Bringing The Excitement And Luxury Of Las Vegas To The Center Strip

When Steve Wynn opened the​ Mirage in​ 1989 no one could have foreseen that he was actually paving the​ way for what the​ Las Vegas Strip has become today. Huge impressive resorts with thousands of​ rooms and every imaginable amenity anyone could need (or desire). at​ the​ time it​ was the​ largest and most expensive resort ever built anywhere in​ the​ world. People began flocking to​ Las Vegas just to​ see what Steve Wynn had created. Today the​ Mirage may no longer be the​ largest,​ but a​ two-year,​ multi-million dollar renovation has given new life to​ the​ Mirage and made it​ one of​ the​ most exciting resorts on​ the​ Strip.

If you haven't visited the​ Mirage in​ the​ last few years or​ have never visited you may think you have stepped into a​ brand new resort. of​ course,​ the​ signature volcano,​ located along Las Vegas Boulevard in​ front of​ the​ hotel,​ still erupts nightly. Siegfried & Roy may longer be there,​ but their white tigers still occupy the​ Lion Habitat. the​ 53-foot aquarium still lines the​ area behind the​ front desk. the​ 100-foot domed Tropical Rainforest continues to​ flourish and welcomes guests upon arrival. And Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat to​ this day occupies the​ lush and tropical landscaped area behind the​ hotel. But that is​ really all that remains of​ the​ 'old' Mirage.

Today all 3,​044 guest rooms and suites have been refurbished to​ give them a​ serene south seas feel. All rooms are now outfitted with the​ upmost in​ comfort and convenience. Marble topped vanities,​ dual phone lines with high speed internet,​ and you will certainly enjoy the​ dramatic views of​ the​ mountains surrounding the​ Las Vegas valley and of​ the​ Strip itself.

The Mirage now has so many entertainment options that you could literally see a​ show each night and never have to​ travel to​ another resort. Cirque du Soleil opened the​ Beatles LOVE in​ 2006 and the​ show has been sold out since day one. it​ is​ without a​ doubt one of​ the​ few must-see shows in​ Las Vegas. if​ you wish to​ attend be sure and purchase your tickets well in​ advance. the​ show is​ so popular that some people have planned their vacation around the​ dates they were able to​ secure tickets to​ LOVE. Danny Gans continues to​ amaze audiences with his singing,​ comedy and multitude of​ impressions in​ this ever-popular show. And the​ Mirage has developed a​ reputation for bringing some of​ the​ funniest comedians to​ the​ Strip. You will regularly find the​ likes of​ Ray Ramano,​ Jay Leno,​ Kevin James and Brad Garrett making audiences laugh.

When it​ comes time to​ sit down,​ relax and enjoy a​ meal,​ the​ Mirage has more options than ever before. Some of​ the​ newer additions to​ the​ resort include STACK,​ a​ cutting-edge American bistro. You might even describe it​ as​ a​ restaurant with a​ nightclub atmosphere. Fin is​ an​ absolutely stunning restaurant serving contemporary Chinese cuisine. Onda offer rustic Italian dishes and was voted 'Best Italian Restaurant' by the​ Las Vegas Concierge Association. And Onda also has a​ wine lounge where you can indulge in​ wine tasting and sample some antipasti. Kokomo's is​ still located under the​ beautiful tropical rainforest but the​ restaurant and menu has undergone a​ major update. the​ décor is​ more contemporary and the​ menu features prime steaks and fresh seafood flown in​ daily from all over the​ world.

If you are ready to​ do a​ little partying after that meal,​ the​ Mirage has two fantastic options. the​ first is​ JET,​ a​ 15,​000 square foot multi-level nightclub. What makes JET different from other nightclubs in​ Las Vegas is​ that fact that it​ is​ actually three nightclubs in​ one. JET has three distinct rooms,​ each with it's own unique look and sound. Party-goers can move from a​ room filling the​ air with rock music,​ to​ one room with more of​ a​ hip-hop vibe,​ to​ yet another featuring popular dance and house music. the​ other nightspot is​ the​ Beatles Revolution Lounge. the​ lounge is​ not a​ tribute to​ the​ band in​ that you won't necessary hear the​ Beatles greatest hits,​ but was instead,​ designed by Cirque du Soleil to​ inspire the​ spirit of​ the​ Beatles. the​ interior is​ has many interactive and almost psychedelic elements for the​ guests to​ enjoy. if​ your imagination allows,​ the​ décor and music evolves over the​ course of​ the​ night.

This is​ only the​ beginning of​ what the​ Mirage has to​ offer it's guests. There are many more restaurants and bars,​ the​ waterfall flanked pools,​ the​ topless (adults-only) Bare pool and bar,​ the​ fitness center,​ shopping,​ one of​ the​ best buffets on​ the​ strip and the​ newly renovated Spa & Salon.

The Mirage has surely been transformed into one exciting destination in​ Las Vegas and the​ center Strip location couldn't be any better. You'll find yourself literally next door to​ Treasure Island and the​ massive Forum Shops at​ Caesars Palace. You'll find yourself across the​ street from Harrah's and the​ Venetian. And a​ leisurely walk away from Wynn Las Vegas and La Pallazo (the Venetian sister property slated to​ open late-2007 or​ early-2008) and the​ Fashion Show Mall. the​ room rates will be somewhat lower than the​ rates offered at​ some of​ the​ newer resorts. But with this dramatic and much needed transformation you'll feel like you are staying at​ a​ new Las Vegas resort,​ not the​ Mirage resort that Chevy Chase and family stayed at​ during his 'Vegas Vacation.'

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