The Luxury Of The Volvo 740

When someone says Volvo,​ the​ image of​ both safety and power come to​ mind. Volvo has developed a​ solid reputation for these characteristics. However,​ many of​ you may not know where and how the​ company began.

The original Volvo Company was started in​ Sweden in​ 1927. “Safety cage and crumple zones” was their motto and this sparked the​ interest of​ consumers who were in​ their 60’s. as​ now,​ back then their focus was on​ the​ security and safety of​ all their passengers.

In 1998,​ Volvo was acquired by the​ Ford Motor Company to​ become a​ member of​ its Premier Automotive Group. That has proved to​ be a​ great investment for Ford.

One of​ Volvo’s vehicles,​ the​ Volvo 740,​ which was produced from 1984 up until 1992,​ was said to​ have a​ lifespan of​ a​ decade. Over the​ years Volvo has actually been powered by many different engines,​ such as​ the​ four-cylinder in-line OHC,​ 986 cc or​ 2,​316 cc,​ six-cylinder in-line 2,​383 cc Turbo Diesel.

In 1985 the​ Volvo 740 SE was introduced. it​ had fewer options as​ compared to​ the​ Volvo 740 model. But it​ was a​ great start for the​ Swedish manufacturer since it​ was actually supposed to​ be a​ midsize car that offered more style,​ performance and overall luxury. it​ had been offered as​ a​ four door sedan; initially it​ was known as​ the​ 744. And the​ five-door wagon was known as​ the​ 745. Though production stopped in​ 1992,​ the​ older models were useful. They provided engineering information as​ well as​ components,​ such as​ the​ vehicle’s engine,​ transmission,​ chassis and many other important parts. This was used when the​ Volvo 940 was being built.

If you own a​ Volvo I don’t have to​ convince you about its luxury and style. You already know how great it​ is. Now you just know where Volvo started out and how they have successfully changed over the​ years.

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