The Life Of Luxury Green With Envy

It is​ always nice to​ see how the​ other half lives,​ take for instance there is​ the​ Life of​ Luxury: the​ George Hamilton way.

This is​ a​ TV show which looks at​ the​ lives of​ the​ Super Rich in​ which the​ first episode looks at​ the​ PlayBoy Mansion,​ a​ collection of​ multi-million dollar homes,​ hip-hop half-billion dollar empires and some queens of​ shopping.

Tom Delay's Life of​ Luxury over the​ last six years:

Public documents reviewed by the​ Associated Press document his 48 visits to​ golf clubs and resorts; 100 flights aboard private company planes; 200 stays at​ hotels,​ many world-class; and 500 meals at​ restaurants,​ some averaging nearly $200 for a​ dinner for two. Not all paid for by Tom Delay.


ARCHESTRATUS was a​ Sicilian Greek who wrote a​ poem that was an​ actual cookbook describing styles of​ Greek food in​ antiquity in​ travelling throughout the​ Greek world - Greece,​ Southern Italy and Sicily,​ the​ coast of​ Asia Minor,​ the​ Black Sea - Archestratus shows us how the​ ancient Greeks were extremely cosmopolitan.

His influences - ingredients,​ combinations of​ flavours,​ techniques - are drawn from a​ wide Mediterranean background,​ taking in​ a​ diversity of​ ideas unrestricted by the​ topography of​ the​ Greek mainland.

The Life of​ Luxury: Check out the​ Robb Report: Luxury Homes

The Robb Report features this Beverly Hills house. the​ owners,​ a​ retired industrialist and his wife,​ who is​ a​ trustee of​ Los Angeles’ Museum of​ Contemporary Art,​ wanted the​ architect to​ maintain a​ simple palette that would not compete with their art collection,​ which includes a​ beautiful collection of​ contemporary art.

The Life of​ Luxury's Most Expensive ZIP Codes

From Beverly Hills to​ TriBeCa,​ from notorious enclaves of​ mansions and lush lawns to​ little-known niches of​ wealth,​ this is​ where the​ most expensive real estate in​ the​ country can be found.

Many of​ these neighborhoods are rarified places,​ of​ course. They are close to​ beaches and golf courses and prime yacht moorings--or at​ least within spitting distance of​ the​ power centers that are the​ sources of​ great wealth.

They have high tax bases,​ expensive private schools,​ exclusive restaurants and they are not all located close to​ Rodeo Drive.

The Life of​ Luxury; Some Expensive Must-Have Items:

We must be getting richer. Designer items are becoming more and more popular,​ we​ are no longer happy with a​ cheap watch but want an​ Omega or​ a​ Tag Heuer.

According to​ the​ Federal Reserve,​ the​ net wealth of​ American households hit a​ high at​ the​ end of​ last year,​ increasing from $46.59 trillion in​ the​ third quarter of​ 2004 to​ $48.53 trillion in​ the​ fourth quarter.

Rising real estate and stock prices helped push the​ country's household net worth up 4% between the​ third and fourth quarters.

You can now buy a​ $67,​000 hand-crafted bathtub; Luxury is​ no longer confined to​ the​ affluent. to​ enhance people's lives they are willing to​ pay more for luxury items like expensive perfumes and designer handbags.

Sometimes it's hard to​ justify spending much more on​ an​ item when something considerably less expensive offers the​ same functionality.

You can,​ for instance,​ buy a​ watch for $10 and you can buy a​ watch for $20,​000 that offers the​ exact same functionality so where is​ the​ rationale for buying the​ expensive watch?

Still,​ the​ expensive watches get sold and people are proud to​ own them. the​ exclusive maker of​ mattresses for the​ British royal family will reject a​ container of​ cashmere if​ it​ is​ deemed to​ be clumpy or​ defective in​ any way,​ says the​ director for the​ American division.

For each bed,​ workers cover thousands of​ springs in​ calico cotton; the​ damask cases are hand-woven in​ Belgium. if​ you have to​ ask how much these mattresses cost you can't afford them.

Life of​ Luxury: living on​ your own Cruise Ship.

The World is​ the​ only private luxury community at​ sea. it​ is​ a​ Cruise Ship built with apartments and studios for long term residency rather than vacation cruises.

For sale originally were 106 apartments,​ 19 studio apartments and 40 studios,​ with square footage starting at​ 675 for studios and maxing out at​ 3,​242 for a​ three bedroom apartment with optional jet pool.

With the​ exception of​ studios,​ which have more limited amenities,​ the​ World's residential accommodations include fully-equipped kitchens,​ living room,​ veranda and all furniture and audio/video equipment. Studios an​ Apartments can be had from 1.4 million to​ 4.8 million dollars and annual maintenance costs start at​ $100,​000.

This is​ a​ 40,​000-ton ship which could easily carry 1,​500 passengers but the​ World Residensea carries an​ average of​ 285 guests plus a​ crew of​ 252.

The passenger distribution is​ about 40% Americans,​ 40% Europeans and 20% from other nations. the​ price of​ a​ "home" on​ board the​ ship includes furniture,​ appliances,​ carpet,​ draperies,​ linen,​ china,​ cutlery and crystal.

Maintenance charges will cover daily housekeeping service,​ repairs and replacement of​ appliances,​ fixtures and fittings supplied by the​ builder.

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