The Life And Times Of The Ipod Battery

The Life And Times Of The Ipod Battery

The Life And Times Of the​ Ipod Battery
When you purchase an​ iPOD,​ what do you think about? Are you imagining what songs you’ll put on​ it? Do you think about all the​ accessories and kits that you’ll get for your iPOD? Can you picture in​ your mind all the​ places you’ll take your iPOD? Of course you’re thinking about all those things .​
Are you also thinking about the​ lithium iPOD battery that powers your device,​ and how it​ works? Probably not.
The iPOD is​ a​ remarkable device that has changed how people transfer and enjoy music and information,​ but little is​ paid attention to​ what makes an​ iPOD work .​
We know how it​ works,​ and what it​ can do,​ but what enables it​ to​ do all those cool things? the​ answer is​ a​ small but powerful lithium iPOD Nano battery.
Lithium iPOD batteries are more powerful than standard nickel-cadmium batteries .​
Because of​ this,​ lithium batteries last longer and don’t require to​ be charged as​ regular batteries .​
This allows you to​ max-out the​ times you need to​ change your iPOD battery .​
Now,​ with any form of​ battery Elithium-ion or​ otherwise Eyou will eventually need to​ purchase an​ iPOD or​ to​ simply replace the​ iPOD battery itself .​
After all,​ it​ won’t last forever,​ but it’s sure close!
A lithium-ion iPOD Nano battery works better for two reasons:
1 .​
Lithium is​ lighter than nickel
2 .​
Lithium batteries have smart fast-chargeEtechnology
Let’s focus on​ point number one .​
Because lithium-ion is​ lighter than crystal,​ which means that your iPOD doesn’t have to​ work as​ hard to​ charge a​ light material vs .​
a​ heavy material .​
So,​ your iPOD battery uses less power to​ fully charge up .​
That’s good for you,​ because having lithium iPOD batteries gets your device charged up faster .​
It also saves you the​ expense of​ having to​ frequently purchase iPOD Nanos.
On the​ second point,​ iPOD batteries are smart charging .​
Now,​ you can’t use your iPOD Nano battery to​ help study for a​ test! Rather,​ they’re smart because they can tell the​ charger when they’re almost full .​
When your iPOD is​ charging,​ it​ charges up to​ 80% capacity in​ no time flat .​
Then,​ the​ iPOD battery tells the​ charger to​ slow down,​ so the​ charging process goes from warp speed to​ snail’s pace .​
This ensures that the​ battery doesn’t overcharge,​ and makes certain that you’re spending your time with your music,​ and not spending your cash on​ iPOD batteries.
With any battery,​ every time you charge it,​ it​ loses a​ bit of​ its performance and power .​
Over time,​ that battery will die,​ and after you give it​ a​ proper funeral,​ you’ll have to​ change it .​
The same is​ true with your iPOD .​
Eventually,​ you will have to​ replace the​ iPOD battery .​
You can either change the​ iPOD battery itself or​ purchase a​ new iPOD Nano .​
But,​ because your iPOD battery is​ a​ lithium-ion beast,​ you won’t need to​ worry about that for a​ while!

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