The Law Of Averages

The Law of​ Averages
At First I​ Didn't Believe It
I heard about the​ law of​ averages only a​ few weeks after I​ started Internet Marketing.
I was told that after I​ had used a​ certain marketing method for a​ few weeks,​ I​ would notice a​ trend .​
For instance,​ if​ I​ was making phone calls,​ I​ would notice that for every 40 people I​ called,​ 5 would ask for more info,​ and for every 10 who asked for more info,​ 1 would join .​
Or,​ for every 100 people who visited my webpage,​ one would take action that resulted in​ my making a​ profit.
My personal statistics would differ,​ they said,​ depending on​ the​ quality of​ my page,​ the​ attractiveness of​ my offer,​ my skill in​ talking on​ the​ phone etc .​
I​ would have to​ keep track of​ my efforts and responses to​ know how much I​ would need to​ work to​ get the​ results I​ wanted.
This is​ what they told me,​ but I​ didn't believe them .​
I​ was told that for my webpage,​ 400 visits a​ day would make me a​ solid profit .​
Well then,​ I​ thought,​ if​ I​ get 50 visits a​ day,​ I​ should make a​ profit after 8 days .​
Day after day went by without any profits .​
Week after week,​ I​ struggled,​ checked my stats,​ and hung my head in​ dissapointment .​
I​ added up my visits for the​ month .​
Several thousand visits,​ and not one sale,​ or​ maybe two or​ three at​ best.
I remade my web page .​
Not once,​ but three times .​
No difference .​
The only way you can fail is​ by giving up .​
Keep trying .​
I​ was told.
Then I​ Saw It Working
After several months (it seemed like forever) I​ started noticing a​ few profit days each month .​
First I​ had three days of​ profit,​ then five,​ then eight .​
Of course when I​ added things up at​ the​ end of​ the​ month,​ I​ was still losing money .​
I​ felt helpless .​
What was causing the​ profit,​ and why was it​ so sporadic? Was I​ at​ the​ mercy of​ chance? And if​ so,​ why was I​ so unlucky?
Silly me,​ I​ never thought about looking at​ my webpage visits in​ relation to​ my sales .​
Sure enough,​ my magic number seemed to​ be 110 .​
If I​ had 95 visits to​ my page in​ one day,​ I​ would lose money almost every time .​
If I​ had 100,​ I​ may lose money,​ and I​ may break even .​
It was a​ toss-up .​
If 110 people visited my site,​
Wah-Lah! I​ was in​ profit mode!
This One Concept Could Ensure Your Success
Now I​ know this doesn't seem logical,​ but it​ really does work .​
If you will simply believe this principle,​ you will be on​ the​ fast track to​ success .​
Here it​ is​ again .​
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Law of​ Averages: When you start marketing,​ you will notice a​ trend .​
You will achieve your desired result after a​ certain number of​ attempts .​
That number will tend to​ continue .​
All you have to​ do to​ achieve your desired result is​ multiply the​ number of​ attempts by this magic number .​
Of course,​ you will get better at​ what you do .​
Your phone skills will improve .​
You will tweak your page or​ ad copy,​ and begin to​ get better results .​
Things will get easier as​ you progress.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
But if​ you believe this principle,​ your success will be inevitible,​ and even though it​ may take time,​ you will achieve your desired result .​
It will only take you four clear easily recognizable steps .​
I​ won't decieve you and say these steps will be easy,​ but you will know exactly what your targets are for each step .​
Set up your business .​
Choose your company or​ product,​ and decide what avenues you are going to​ market it​ in​ .​
Are you going to​ get a​ list of​ leads and call them? Are you going to​ make a​ web page? Does the​ company provide a​ web page for you to​ promote online?
Plan your marketing strategy and get started.
Keep track of​ your statistics .​
How much exposure do you need to​ make one sale,​ or​ get one sign-up?
Decide how much you want to​ achieve,​ multiply by your required exposure,​ and work to​ obtain that much exposure .​
You will know exactly how much you have to​ work to​ achieve your goals!
That's all there is​ to​ it.
May you be successful beyond your wildest dreams!

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