The Law Of Attraction Why So Many Fail At It

The Law Of Attraction Why So Many Fail At It

Manifesting the​ ideal reality that you want is​ a​ practice that has been known and practiced by many powerful individuals. Those who have been privileged to​ learn the​ true secrets to​ manifesting took the​ time to​ understand their true nature and the​ nature of​ reality itself.

Although the​ law of​ attraction has become mainstream few people understand what makes it​ works and what makes it​ flop. It’s not unlike prayer where some people experience instant miracles while other fail miserably to​ get even their bills paid. in​ order to​ manifest what you desire you must know exactly how to​ align yourself with power and only then can you truly attract what you are holding in​ your mind or​ repeating with affirmations.

There are many law of​ attraction courses that teach you the​ best affirmations and teach you what to​ change about yourself. You have been told if​ you just change this one quality about yourself it​ will work. Yet,​ after you have spent months working hard to​ change that particular quality you realize that you are still very much struggling all over again. All these changes are great but they are hard and frustrating and they are completely backwards in​ the​ entire process to​ you getting what you want now.

The true secret to​ attraction is​ in​ the​ proper alignment of​ God power. There is​ no other way. Imagine now that you are an​ appliance,​ think of​ the​ computer you are now using. That computer has all the​ software programs and languages installed to​ do its job,​ however if​ that computer is​ not plugged into the​ circuits it​ is​ worthless. You are no different as​ a​ human being.

You may have said affirmations for years and those affirmations may have helped you a​ great deal but imagine if​ like the​ computer you could connect to​ the​ source how much faster the​ changes would be. we​ may call that source of​ power God,​ the​ Universe or​ any name we​ choose,​ what matters is​ that this source is​ all that we​ truly need.

Connecting to​ that source of​ power changes your entire biological makeup it​ releases the​ barriers to​ you getting what you want. the​ struggle you are now having,​ to​ be or​ do what you want ceases and what happens then to​ your life will be pure miracles and absolute magic.

The ancients who understood the​ law of​ attraction and the​ many other spiritual laws knew how to​ properly connect to​ their source of​ power to​ get the​ maxim results. Most people are connecting with the​ car or​ the​ house but the​ true miracle is​ to​ connect with something greater. the​ moment you connect to​ that source of​ power that is​ greater than those things you will suddenly begin to​ get the​ things that you want effortlessly? Magic will become the​ way of​ your life.

The Law Of Attraction Why So Many Fail At It

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