The Law Of Attraction Shocking Secret

The Law Of Attraction Shocking Secret 1

This shocking truth may be shocking to​ more than just a​ few people. the​ success or​ failure in​ applying the​ law of​ attraction is​ based largely on​ how much energy a​ person has. So although your intent may be clear,​ if​ your own energy is​ low then you are not as​ likely to​ gain the​ success you are trying to​ achieve.

There are several ancient yet scientifically proven ways to​ increase your personal energy to​ yield outstanding results. the​ results could be as​ extreme as,​ using the​ techniques and manifesting results within days compared to​ not using it​ and waiting for months to​ see results. we​ as​ human beings need to​ gain as​ well as​ conserve our energy in​ order to​ propel our thoughts with dynamic impact. Increased energy is​ everything to​ the​ attraction process.

The benefits of​ positive thinking are not limited to​ just being happy. When your thoughts are positive and high you conserve more of​ your personal energy. However when your thoughts are low and negative you can immediately feel powerless and drained of​ energy.

Energy is​ all around you and although you may not be able to​ see it,​ you can become aware of​ it​ and use it​ to​ increase your intentions using the​ law of​ attraction. However no matter what tools or​ techniques you use to​ raise your energy level the​ most important first step is​ to​ begin with your person energy.

One way to​ begin monitoring your own energy is​ to​ ask yourself this question: How often do you engage in​ meaningful exchanges with people who love and support you? Believe it​ or​ not,​ the​ energy directed towards you from others greatly feeds your power to​ attract what you want. People are either taking or​ adding to​ your tank of​ energy.

When you add high energy with the​ law of​ attraction you can gain greater results,​ quickly. That is​ the​ one secret that few people seem to​ understand. Ask yourself these questions,​ how effective have you been in​ manifesting what you want? What would you want to​ attract if​ you could greatly increase your manifesting energy?

The Law Of Attraction Shocking Secret

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