The Law Of Attraction Secret

The Law Of Attraction Secret 1

Many people try to​ use the​ Law of​ Attraction to​ build a​ life that is​ truly worthy of​ them. They become frustrated at​ their lack of​ progress simply because they have gotten the​ order of​ manifestation wrong. Don't fall into the​ same trap. Learn that you must first Be what you want,​ then Do what you is​ necessary to​ achieve it,​ so that you can Have your desire.

One of​ the​ biggest problems people find when they try to​ use the​ Law of​ Attraction for the​ first time is​ resistance from the​ outside world. it​ seems that no matter what they do the​ world pushes against them. it​ appears that the​ harder they strive for their desires the​ more the​ world pushes back. They then fall into the​ trap of​ blaming the​ world for their woes or​ even blaming God. This is​ a​ disastrous mindset to​ have if​ you wish to​ successfully and consciously employ the​ Law of​ Attraction to​ your advantage.

Mahatma Ghandi,​ the​ great Indian leader who peacefully freed his country from British rule,​ told his followers,​ "become the​ change you want to​ see in​ the​ world." These words are just as​ true today as​ they were when this wise man walked the​ planet. in​ order to​ have what you want you must be willing to​ do what is​ necessary to​ achieve it​ and this can only be achieved when you become the​ very thing you want!

Let me explain this in​ a​ little more detail.

The Law of​ Attraction can bring you anything and everything you want. in​ fact,​ anything you can hold in​ mind can be yours if​ you follow the​ rules of​ this Universal Law.

Trying to​ change other people or​ change the​ world is​ the​ wrong approach to​ achieving your dreams. You must change yourself. By holding in​ mind the​ things you want and believing that it​ is​ truly possible for you to​ have them you will immediately begin to​ attract them. However,​ if​ you wish to​ change the​ world or​ other people you are holding in​ mind the​ very things you do not want. You are affirming to​ yourself that things are not OK the​ way they are and that the​ people and environment around you is​ a​ certain way ' the​ way you don't want it​ to​ be. the​ Law of​ Attraction immediately kicks in​ and you begin to​ attract more of​ those things.

By allowing the​ world and other people to​ be fine the​ way they are you will begin to​ embrace the​ moment and unleash your true power to​ create. You cannot change the​ world and you cannot change others but you can change yourself. This is​ where your true power lies. When you change yourself internally the​ world around you begins to​ change as​ you start to​ attract people,​ circumstances,​ situations and physical objects that reflect your changed beliefs,​ attitude,​ thoughts and feelings.

This is​ why it​ is​ important to​ hold on​ to​ an​ attitude of​ gratitude for the​ things you already have. You can even be grateful for where you are in​ life right now,​ no matter how bad it​ is,​ because this is​ the​ launching platform for your new improved life. Start from where you are. Wherever you are in​ life it​ is​ the​ right place for you right now. Just be satisfied to​ begin from where you are and you will soon get to​ where you want to​ go.

Once you have identified those things in​ life you wish to​ have,​ begin to​ think of​ them often. Imagine that you are already in​ possession of​ them. This is​ you becoming at​ one with your desire. Once you can hold your desire in​ mind and see,​ feel and accept that you are in​ possession of​ it​ you have become your future vision. This is​ Being your desire. Look at​ children they are excellent at​ this. it​ is​ a​ natural state of​ mind and not as​ hard to​ achieve as​ you may imagine. Just allow yourself to​ do it. Have fun and play with your internal vision. Enjoy it!

Be flexible enough to​ allow the​ Universe to​ deliver these things to​ you as​ it​ sees fit. However,​ some action is​ required! the​ Bible tells us that,​ "faith without works is​ dead",​ James 2:14-26. Be prepared to​ take some steps towards your goal. No matter how small or​ insignificant these steps are take at​ least some action everyday that will bring you closer to​ your desires.

You will soon find that as​ you take even small steps towards your desires and stay true to​ your inner vision the​ Universe will rush to​ meet you. Coincidences will occur and you will find opportunities are presented to​ you. as​ long as​ you are generating positive emotions around your internal vision the​ action needed by you will be pleasure and feel natural.

So remember,​ Be what you desire,​ Then Do what you have to​ in​ order to​ bring you closer to​ those desires and then you will Have everything you want!

The Law Of Attraction Secret

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