The Law Of Attraction The Secret Of Success Law Of Attraction Classics Ww Atkinson

The Law Of Attraction The Secret Of Success Law Of Attraction Classics
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There is​ in​ Nature a​ great Law -- the​ Law of​ Attraction -- by the​ operations of​ which all things -- from atoms to​ men -- are attracted toward each other in​ the​ degree of​ the​ common affinity of​ common use.

The reverse of​ this law -- which is​ merely another manifestation of​ its power -- is​ what is​ called Repulsion,​ which is​ but the​ other pole of​ Attraction,​ and by the​ operations of​ which things tend to​ repel each other in​ the​ degree that they are unlike,​ opposing,​ and of​ no use to​ each other.

The Law of​ Attraction is​ Universal,​ on​ all the​ planes of​ life,​ from the​ physical to​ the​ spiritual. Its operations are uniform and constant,​ and we​ may take the​ phenomena of​ one plane and thereby study the​ phenomena of​ another plane,​ for the​ same rule applies in​ each case -- the​ same Law is​ in​ operation in​ the​ same way.

Beginning with the​ tiny corpuscles,​ electrons,​ or​ ions,​ of​ which the​ atoms are formed,​ we​ find manifested the​ Law of​ Attraction -- certain electrons attract each other,​ and repel others still,​ thereby causing to​ spring into existing groups,​ combinations and colonies of​ electrons which being in​ agreement and harmony manifest and constitute what are called atoms,​ which until recently were supposed to​ be the​ primal form of​ matter.

Passing on​ the​ atoms themselves,​ we​ find many degrees of​ affinity and attraction existing between them which cause them to​ combine and form into molecules of​ which all masses of​ matter consists.

For instance,​ every drop of​ water is​ composed of​ countless molecules of​ water. And each molecule is​ composed of​ two atoms of​ Hydrogen and one atom of​ Oxygen --the combination always being the​ same in​ every molecule of​ water. Now,​ why do these atoms combine in​ just this way -- with the​ same invariable grouping and proportion? Not by chance,​ surely,​ for there is​ no such thing in​ Nature -- there is​ a​ natural law back of​ every phenomenon.

And in​ this case it​ is​ the​ Law of​ Attraction manifesting in​ the​ case of​ these atoms. And it​ is​ so in​ all chemical combinations --it is​ called Chemical Affinity. Sometimes an​ attached atom will come in​ contact with,​ or​ in​ proximity to,​ another atom,​ and then bang goes the​ explosion of​ the​ molecule as​ the​ atom flies away from its partners and into the​ arms of​ the​ other atom for which it​ has a​ greater affinity. There are marriages and divorces in​ the​ world of​ atoms,​ you will notice.

And in​ the​ cases of​ the​ molecules,​ it​ is​ found that certain molecules are attracted to​ others of​ the​ same kind,​ under what is​ called Cohesion,​ and thus masses of​ matter are composed. a​ piece of​ gold,​ silver,​ tin,​ glass,​ or​ other form of​ matter is​ composed of​ countless molecules held together tightly by Cohesion -- and this Cohesion is​ merely another form of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction -- the​ same that draws all things together.

And,​ underlying the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ to​ be found our old Principle of​ Desire and Will. You may shrug your shoulders at​ this mention of​ desire and Will in​ connection with electrons,​ atoms,​ molecules -- all forms of​ matter,​ but just wait a​ bit and see what the​ leading scientific authorities have to​ say on​ the​ subject.

Prof. Hakel,​ one of​ the​ world's greatest scientists -- a​ materialist who would sneer at​ the​ teachings of​ Mental Science -- even this man,​ naturally prejudiced against mentalist theories,​ finds himself compelled to​ say: ``The idea of​ chemical affinity consists in​ the​ fact that the​ various chemical elements perceive the​ qualitative differences in​ other elements -- experience pleasure of​ revulsion at​ contact with them,​ and execute specific movements on​ this ground.''

He also positively and distinctly states that in​ the​ atoms there must be something corresponding to​ Desire for contact and association with other atoms,​ and Will to​ enable the​ atom to​ respond to​ the​ Desire Law is​ constant throughout Nature,​ from atom to​ man --physical,​ mental and spiritual.

But what has all this to​ do with the​ Secret of​ Success you may ask? Simply,​ that the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ an​ important part in​ the​ Secret of​ Success,​ inasmuch as​ it​ tends to​ bring to​ us the​ things,​ persons and circumstances in​ accordance with our earnest Desire,​ Demand,​ and Will,​ just as​ it​ brings together the​ atoms and other particles of​ matter. Make yourself an​ atom of​ Living Desire and you will attract to​ yourself the​ person,​ things and circumstances fitting in​ with the​ accomplishment of​ your Desire.

You will also get into rapport with those who are working along the​ same lines of​ thought,​ and will be attracted to​ them and they to​ you,​ and you will be brought into relations with persons,​ things and environments likely to​ work out the​ problem of​ your Desires -- you will get ``next to'' the​ right persons and things - all by the​ operation of​ this great natural Law of​ Attraction. No Necromancy or​ Magic about it​ at​ all -- nothing supernatural or​ mysterious -- just the​ operations of​ a​ great Natural Law.

The Law Of Attraction The Secret Of Success Law Of Attraction Classics Ww Atkinson

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