The Law Of Attraction Doesnt Understand Dont Not Or No

The Law Of Attraction Doesnt Understand Dont Not Or No

Have you ever wondered why sometimes we​ get something that we​ really didn't want in​ our lives? People often tell me,​ "I didn't ask for THAT!"

In fact,​ some people think that the​ Law of​ Attraction 'isn't working for me' when they attract something they didn't want into their life--but it​ is. You see,​ the​ Law of​ Attraction doesn't hear the​ words 'don't,​ not or​ no' (as in,​

'I don't want that.' 'That's not what I want.' 'No more of​ this!') it​ only responds to​ your feelings (your vibes) about that subject. if​ thinking about a​ certain situation causes you to​ feel upset,​ the​ Law of​ Attraction sends you MORE upsetting situations.

Here's a​ story sent to​ me by a​ reader,​ that demonstrates what I mean:

I went to​ a​ charity event last night (for which I paid $50) and then I donated another $20 for raffle tickets for various prizes. the​ idea was to​ put your ticket into the​ bowl that represented the​ prize you wanted. Well,​ none of​ the​ prizes were exciting to​ me. I put my ticket into the​ bowl that seemed the​ best of​ the​ three. And as​ I did so,​ I said to​ myself,​ 'I' really hope I don't win this silly haircut.' Then I realized there were more than three prizes and I felt disappointed that I had put my ticket into that bowl,​ but it​ was too late to​ take it​ back. So,​ as​ they were calling the​ prize winners I again said 'I' don't want that haircut.' When they read out my number I was so disbelieving that I had to​ ask them to​ repeat the​ number because I could not believe that I had won it​ - especially because I had said so clearly,​ 'I don't want it!' - well you know the​ ending of​ this story. I focused on​ it,​ said "don't" and focused on​ it​ again. DUH!! Now the​ fact is,​ it​ is​ a​ nice prize and I will use it​ - what was I thinking?
Sometimes I use the​ illustration of​ the​ Internet Search Engines--if you go to​ and type in​ the​ words 'no po​rn'--what will you get? That's right--po​rn. the​ Search Engines don't understand Don't give me--they just understand po​rn.

So,​ if​ I don't want something,​ how do I avoid attracting it​ into my life?

By answering this simple question: 'If I don't want this . . . what do I want?'

Sometimes it​ takes a​ while to​ formulate a​ positive answer to​ that question,​ but taking the​ time to​ do so is​ the​ ONLY way to​ stop attracting what you don't want.

If I don't want clients who are late for our sessions,​ what do I want? I want clients who are on​ time or​ early.

If I don't want to​ chase after clients to​ be paid for my services,​ what do I want? I want clients who joyfully pay by credit card or​ E-check for my services--on time or​ early.

If I fail to​ get clear about what I DO want,​ according to​ the​ Law of​ Attraction,​ I will attract that which I don't want into my life again and again--for until I place my focus on​ something else,​ what I don't want is​ (by default) my focus.

Can you think of​ something that has been occurring in​ your life,​ over and over again? if​ so,​ take a​ few minutes--just 5 or​ 10 minutes and do this exercise:

1. Write down on​ paper what this reoccurring event is. State what happens and how it​ makes you feel.

2. Then ask the​ question: if​ I don't want that to​ happen again,​ what DO I want to​ happen? or​ if​ I don't want to​ feel like that again,​ what DO I want to​ feel like?

Get a​ picture in​ your mind,​ an​ idea or​ a​ feeling for how you would like it​ to​ be. Find the​ words that most accurately express what you want and write them down on​ paper. Doing this will engage all your senses to​ such a​ degree that you will automatically begin to​ attract events and situations that are more enjoyable.

The Law Of Attraction Doesnt Understand Dont Not Or No

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