The Law Of Attraction The Basics Part One

The Law Of Attraction The Basics Part One

You might have read a​ lot about the​ Law of​ Attraction recently (commonly referred to​ as​ LOA in​ shorthand),​ made popular by its newest informational incarnation,​ the​ Secret. But what is​ it,​ really,​ and is​ it​ just so much gobble-dy gook?

In fact,​ LOA has been around forever,​ as​ have its proponents. People through the​ years have simply talked about it​ without using the​ term "Law of​ Attraction,​" but same thing. Norman Vincent Peale did in​ his wildly popular book,​ the​ Power of​ Positive Thinking,​ for example. But why is​ it​ so hard to​ figure out,​ and more importantly,​ how do you harness it?

Well,​ here's the​ thing. to​ "use" it​ properly,​ you first have to​ understand it. So here goes,​ in​ a​ nutshell.

First,​ most proponents of​ LOA do believe that you absolutely attract everything to​ you that happens to​ you,​ good and "bad" (although if​ you've seen even discussions on​ the​ Secret,​ even the​ so-called "experts" vary in​ their opinions on​ that to​ some extent,​ which I'll discuss later).

Now,​ wait. I can just see you going,​ "Hey! You're nuts if​ you think I want to​ be broke (or sick,​ etc.)!" And yep,​ you're right. I'd be nuts to​ think you want anything bad to​ be happening to​ you. Here's where the​ confusion comes in,​ and here's where I can help clear it​ up. if​ you're attracting something to​ you,​ it​ doesn't mean you want it.

Let me say that again. if​ you're attracting something to​ you,​ it​ doesn't mean you want it. it​ simply means that you somehow have ingrained in​ you that it's what you expect. It's your reality.

Let's take money (or lack thereof) as​ an​ example. Let's say you struggle to​ pay your rent and basic bills every month,​ even though you're working really hard. Okay,​ let's assume for a​ minute that LOA is​ right on​ and that you're attracting this struggle to​ you. Does that mean you want that to​ be happening? of​ course not. But it​ probably does mean that somewhere,​ somehow,​ you have ingrained within you the​ message of​ "not enough" when it​ comes to​ money. Maybe your parents were (decent,​ hardworking,​ well-meaning) people who said,​ "Money doesn't grow on​ trees,​" or,​ "There's never enough to​ go around,​" etc. if​ you grew up with these or​ similar messages and you have them ingrained in​ you as​ your reality,​ then somehow,​ for you,​ money is​ supposed to​ be scarce and precious. So that's what you attract in​ your experiences. Money is​ indeed "scarce" and "precious,​" and you never have enough.

Now,​ just recognizing this fact goes a​ lot toward changing your "vibration,​" which you hear a​ lot about when someone's talking about LOA. Your vibration is​ just basically the​ "signal" you send out to​ the​ universe,​ and that signal attracts what it​ matches back to​ you. So if​ you're always worried about and struggling with money,​ guess what you attract? Yep,​ more worry and struggle with money.

So then,​ does this mean you can just say,​ "Well,​ la-dee-dah,​ I'll just quit worrying about money,​ then,​ and things will be fine!"? While many proponents of​ LOA would give a​ resounding "Yes!" to​ that answer,​ I would wager that for most of​ us,​ we​ need baby steps that will ultimately get us to​ that mindset. More on​ that in​ the​ next article.

The Law Of Attraction The Basics Part One

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