The Law Of Attraction And Positive Thinking A Powerful Combination

The Law Of Attraction And Positive Thinking A Powerful Combination 1

Recently the​ release of​ the​ movies "The Secret" and "What the​ Bleep Do we​ Know" have created quite a​ stir of​ curiosity. Many people have been inspired by the​ information released in​ these movies and are now contemplating how they can begin to​ adopt the​ Law of​ Attraction and positive thinking as​ part of​ their everyday living. the​ movies were an​ amazing forward for those who have not previously heard of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction and quantum physics,​ and were released at​ a​ time of​ immense spiritual transformation and conscious awakening on​ our abundant planet.

How do you define the​ Law of​ Attraction? in​ the​ words of​ Abraham this universal law can be explained as​ "That which is​ like unto itself is​ drawn". Whatever you focus on​ a​ consistent basis,​ you will attract into your life.

Our universe,​ and everything within it,​ is​ made up of​ energy fields that produce varying vibrational frequencies. Our words,​ thoughts,​ feelings,​ actions,​ beliefs and attitudes all contain vibrations which are attracted to​ other like vibrations. Our current reality is​ a​ representation of​ what we​ have created,​invited or​ attracted with our words,​ actions,​ thoughts and feelings. the​ quotation by Thomas Dreir is​ a​ great explanation of​ this universal law 'The world is​ a​ great mirror. it​ reflects back to​ you what you are. if​ you are loving,​ if​ you are friendly,​ if​ you are helpful,​ the​ world will prove to​ be loving and friendly and helpful in​ return. the​ world is​ what you are.'

Unfortunately,​ manifesting your desires is​ not quite as​ simple as​ taking time out to​ visualize your desires and from there the​ Law of​ Attraction and positive thinking will do the​ rest. Unless you have a​ magic genie hidden under your bed it​ is​ unlikely that millions of​ dollars will magically appear in​ your life as​ you sit on​ the​ couch meditating on​ your dream of​ becoming unbelievably rich. Yes,​ we​ definitely do have to​ determine what we​ wish to​ achieve and visualize what we​ desire,​ however there are two other vital ingredients which are extremely important if​ you wish to​ achieve your gaols.

Firstly,​ focus attention on​ what you desire and feel the​ excitement within as​ if​ your desire is​ currently in​ your reality. if​ it​ is​ a​ new car that you desire,​ then feel the​ excitement as​ you hold in​ your hand the​ keys to​ your dream car - visualize the​ color and shape,​ smell the​ leather interior,​ hear the​ purr of​ the​ engine and feel the​ power as​ you drive your brand new car out on​ the​ open highway.

Secondly,​ if​ you would like to​ achieve your goals more quickly you must do something that moves you towards your goal. Visualizing and talking about your goals is​ fantastic,​ however,​ by consciously putting in​ place a​ daily action,​ be it​ big or​ small,​ you will bring your dreams into your reality much quicker.

Our Universe is​ abundantly generous and willing and able to​ deliver our requests - so be careful when wishing for something and ensure that it​ is​ truly what you desire. it​ is​ time for you to​ take control and actively create the​ life your desire by applying the​ Law of​ Attraction and positive thinking.

The Law Of Attraction And Positive Thinking A Powerful Combination

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