The Law Of Attraction And Physics

The Law Of Attraction And Physics 1

The Law of​ Attraction and Physics
The Law of​ Attraction says to​ live in​ the​ knowledge that you are getting what you want .​
It may seem like a​ feel-good philosophy and nothing more .​
You might think it​ is​ worth considering,​ but not something that exists in​ nature .​
However,​ the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ based upon the​ science of​ physics .​

The Law of​ Attraction and quantum physics shows us that all in​ the​ universe is​ made of​ energy .​
This includes both what we​ call solid objects and something as​ ethereal as​ thoughts .​
the​ truth is​ that even so-called solid objects have a​ high percentage of​ empty space in​ them .​
They are made up of​ energy .​
the​ Law of​ Attraction takes this fact into account .​

The Law of​ Attraction is​ based upon the​ fact that the​ energy in​ our bodies and minds are always vibrating .​
This makes wavelengths of​ different frequencies .​
we​ send these frequencies out from ourselves into the​ larger world .​

The world itself-in fact,​ the​ whole universe-is all made of​ energy as​ well .​
the​ whole thing is​ constantly vibrating .​
It is​ always full of​ possibilities .​
Our individual frequencies go into this vast ocean of​ movement .​
the​ Law of​ Attraction can affect this .​

Once our frequencies are emitted,​ they attract frequencies that are like them .​
So,​ you are constantly using the​ Law of​ Attraction to​ bring things to​ you .​
If you are sending out negative vibrations,​ you will not like what returns to​ you .​
This is​ because,​ by the​ Law of​ Attraction,​ those negative frequencies are clumping together with others of​ their kind .​

You can deliberately use the​ Law of​ Attraction to​ focus your thoughts and your being on​ a​ positive outcome .​
the​ frequencies you emit will stick with other good ones and return to​ you as​ a​ joyful result .​
This is​ not simply a​ matter of​ wishful thinking .​

It involves living in​ the​ state you choose for yourself .​
You don't need to​ start out with millions of​ dollars in​ the​ bank to​ feel wealthy .​
You can think,​ speak,​ and act like a​ millionaire .​
You just need to​ believe that's what you are deep inside .​
the​ Law of​ Attraction will do the​ rest .​

You need to​ feel excited by your choices for the​ Law of​ Attraction to​ work well .​
That is​ because the​ level of​ excitement determines the​ level of​ vibration you are sending out .​
If you choose something in​ a​ half-hearted way,​ it​ will return to​ you in​ the​ same way .​

However,​ if​ you are excited by your choice,​ you will increase the​ power of​ your vibrational frequency .​
the​ results will come rolling in​ .​
You must do what you can to​ maintain your excitement .​
This will bring your dreams into reality by the​ Law of​ Attraction .​

On the​ other hand,​ if​ you complain about something,​ or​ fight against something,​ that is​ the​ thing you will bring to​ yourself .​
the​ Law of​ Attraction works this way because the​ universe only has a​ way of​ grouping like with like .​
Your negativity about a​ subject will return to​ you as​ more negative results for that subject .​

Several people with doctorates in​ physics have studied the​ power of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction .​
Many of​ them believe that the​ mind controls the​ universe .​
They believe that this is​ done through the​ Law of​ Attraction .​

The Law Of Attraction And Physics

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