The Law And Order Approach

The Law And Order Approach

It’s almost a​ given that at​ any time in​ the​ United States and around the​ world some form of​ Law and Order can be seen on​ television. the​ show’s creators have done a​ tremendous job of​ franchising this brand. So what can we,​ as​ entrepreneurs and small business owners,​ learn from this example? Once we​ establish ourselves in​ the​ marketplace for our first line of​ business,​ we​ should not be afraid of​ branching out.

Just look at​ the​ Law and Order model. the​ creators waited until they were a​ mainstay in​ viewers’ weekly television fix. Once they were established they brought out SVU. Then of​ course came Criminal Intent,​ the​ now defunct Trial By Jury and the​ latest installment Conviction.

Let’s see how this could apply in​ the​ real world. I’ll use my business as​ an​ example because I’m very familiar with it! My main focus is​ on​ my virtual assistant business. I have spent a​ lot of​ time promoting it,​ tweaking my website,​ writing articles such as​ this one,​ joining virtual assistant associations and hanging out in​ various small business forums. Now,​ I have had very excellent results and seen nice profits and growth.

However,​ I am now at​ a​ point where promotion of​ that site is​ not a​ full time endeavor. So having the​ type a​ personality,​ being a​ bit obsessed with work like most small business owners I know,​ I was looking for additional places to​ invest my time and effort. the​ first step for me was to​ think of​ ways to​ use what I’m already doing to​ further grow my empire(well,​ maybe not quite,​ but I like to​ think big!)

My first new venture or​ as​ I like to​ call it​ my SVU,​ was starting my own article directory. it​ was a​ very natural lateral move for me as​ article marketing is​ one of​ my main marketing tools. I understand how important article marketing is​ to​ many online entrepreneurs. After all it’s a​ free way to​ get your name out there,​ highlight your talent and build incoming links. So,​ I did a​ lot of​ research and decided that it​ was something I would be able to​ do successfully. I set to​ work and within a​ few weeks had my site up and running. I’m not going to​ lie to​ you; I’m not running to​ the​ bank with thousands in​ extra income from it. I am,​ however,​ making a​ nice little supplemental income via Adsense and other advertising throughout the​ site.

So that was a​ few months ago and so here I am again. I am by no means spending my time solely on​ the​ promotion of​ my virtual assistant site and the​ article directory. I have been quite busy with my virtual assistant duties,​ but I still have that need to​ always be cultivating new things.

I recently began thinking of​ what I could do next. I’ll be honest here. I read all the​ same articles,​ websites and all the​ hype of​ building site after site just disgustingly loaded with keywords to​ generate Adsense income. I seriously considered these options. Now,​ I am not an​ expert on​ these matters,​ so that very well may work for some people. It’s just not something that I could get excited about. I felt like I needed to​ find something that I really enjoyed.

I did go ahead and use Wordtracker and other keyword research tools. I started brainstorming. What do I want to​ do? What do I like doing? And wouldn’t you know that one of​ the​ top keywords on​ all those lists fit the​ bill! Horses. I was so excited to​ see that word there. I have been riding horses since the​ time I could walk and am constantly reading anything new about riding,​ showing,​ training,​ horse care,​ etc.

Enter my new horse information site or​ in​ keeping with my premise,​ my Criminal Intent. Now I know this doesn’t exactly follow the​ Law and Order doctrine but bear with me. the​ success of​ most online business is​ based on​ ability,​ talent,​ salesmanship,​ promotion AND passion. in​ any business,​ we​ must be passionate about what we’re doing,​ or​ we​ will quickly burn out. in​ my case,​ I’ve taken my hobby and put it​ to​ work for me. And although the​ site is​ young,​ it’s quickly proving to​ be another nice supplemental income.

All of​ us need to​ be prepared for some of​ our ventures to​ fail,​ case in​ point,​ Trial By Jury. Although I’ve yet to​ have my own Trial By Jury,​ I have many ideas of​ future projects and am realistic. I know that not everything will work,​ but the​ main thing is​ to​ keep going.

I really believe that in​ business we​ must look at​ those who have been successful,​ in​ any field,​ and learn and apply what we​ can from their technique. There is​ a​ lot to​ learn from simply being observant of​ our environment,​ even watching TV! So thank you very much to​ Dick Wolf and all those that have modeled the​ Law and Order principles so well.

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