The Key To Computer Security Anti Virus Software

The Key To Computer Security Anti Virus Software

The Key to​ Computer Security - Anti Virus Software
In the​ computer world today it​ is​ important to​ remember that at​ every second your computer is​ at​ risk of​ being contaminated with an​ ugly virus .​
There are many ways your computer may become infected from e-mail viruses to​ Trojans .​
These infections can cause damage to​ your hard drive,​ attach themselves to​ your programs,​ or​ can even spread to​ other peoples computers from your e-mail .​
It is​ essential to​ protect your computer from these invasions by using a​ good anti-virus software program .​
There are many different types of​ infections that can invade your computer some of​ which include viruses,​ worms,​ e-mail viruses,​ and Trojans .​
a​ virus can be transmitted from computer to​ computer by attaching itself to​ another program .​
When the​ program is​ running the​ virus is​ able to​ infect other programs or​ documents .​
Worms are a​ computer program that copies itself from computer to​ computer through the​ use of​ computer networks .​
They are often used to​ invade security holes in​ software programs .​
The latest computer invaders are e-mail viruses .​
An e-mail virus moves around in​ your e-mail messages and duplicates as​ it​ automatically sends itself to​ people in​ your address book,​ which in​ turn infects their computers in​ the​ same way .​
a​ Trojan horse invades your computer by pretending to​ be a​ program it’s not .​
When you​ open the​ program,​ the​ Trojan wreaks havoc on​ your computer that can cause irreversible damage.
In order to​ protect yourself from such invasion it​ is​ very important to​ make sure your computer is​ safe .​
One thing you​ can do is​ to​ run a​ more secure operating system like UNIX that can protect your computer from traditional viruses .​
Another option is​ to​ buy virus protection software if​ you​ are using an​ unsecured computer .​
Avoiding programs from unknown sources,​ disabling floppy disk booting,​ and making sure that Macro virus protection is​ enabled,​ are also things that can further protect you​ from invasion .​
The best option for protecting your computer though,​ is​ to​ invest in​ an​ anti-virus program .​
There are many anti-virus programs like Norton antivirus,​ McAfee,​ and PcCillin,​ and some are even free like Avast and AVG .​
Anti virus programs work by keeping patterns of​ virus infected files and compares them to​ the​ files stored on​ your computer .​
If it​ finds any viruses you​ are immediately prompted to​ delete the​ contaminated file .​
Make sure to​ up-date your anti virus software consistently,​ which can be done through the​ Internet and most up-dates are free of​ cost .​
If you​ are going to​ use the​ computer it​ is​ always best to​ protect yourself and your precious memories from all the​ dangerous computer infections .​
When you​ invest in​ a​ good computer and store your information on​ it,​ you​ are setting yourself up for a​ potential disaster that many viruses can cause .​
It is​ essential that you​ make sure that your computer is​ always protected by investing in​ a​ good anti virus program.

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