The Ipod Video Player Another New Innovation To An Already Innovative

The Ipod Video Player Another New Innovation To An Already Innovative Device

The iPod Video Player: Another New Innovation To An Already Innovative Device
The iPod is​ a​ portable digital media player designed and manufactured by Apple Computers .​
The standard iPod model stores media on​ a​ built in​ hard drive while the​ smaller iPod Shuffle and iPod nano uses flash memory .​
The iPod has became the​ world's best selling digital audio player since its launch in​ 2001 .​
An IPod can play MP3,​ WAV,​ AAC/M4A,​ Protected AAC,​ AIFF,​ Audible audio book and Apple Lossless audio file formats .​
The fifth generation iPod can now play m4v and mp4 video files .​
With this addition,​ the​ iPod has become a​ complete multimedia player.
Apple designed the​ iPod to​ work with the​ iTunes media library software,​ which allows users to​ manage the​ music libraries on​ their computer and on​ their iPod .​
To add up to​ the​ excitement of​ its feature,​ users may also set a​ rating of​ up to​ five stars on​ any song .​
This will allow them to​ remember which ones they like or​ which ones have the​ best quality .​
It also features some games for example the​ Parachute wherein the​ player controls a​ turret and attempts to​ shoot down paratroopers and the​ helicopters that released them .​
This game is​ similar to​ Apple II version of​ the​ game Sabotage by Mark Allen .​
Another is​ the​ solitaire,​ a​ simple card game that resembles the​ Klondike solitaire card game .​
There is​ also the​ Music Quiz,​ the​ game plays a​ portion of​ a​ random song and the​ player must identify it​ form the​ list of​ five .​
The faster the​ player had identified the​ song,​ the​ higher his score will be .​
No record is​ kept of​ the​ score and there is​ no limit to​ the​ amount of​ songs played .​
This is​ now possible because of​ the​ capabilities of​ the​ fifth generation of​ iPod to​ play videos.
For the​ meantime,​ the​ iPod video could only support MP4 and Mpeg4 video formats .​
So if​ you want to​ load videos to​ your iPod,​ you need to​ convert the​ videos first if​ they are not in​ the​ supported format yet .​
This is​ not a​ problem since there are many video converters and softwares available in​ the​ internet for download to​ do the​ job .​
But with Apple’s dedication to​ keep the​ number one spot in​ the​ iPod’s segment in​ the​ market,​ it​ will be sure that the​ soon enough more innovations will be produced to​ allow more file formats to​ be played .​
Now you will be able to​ share your videos and movies with many people easier than ever .​
You can also transfer files and videos from your office computer to​ your home computer and vice versa or​ to​ any computer .​
You can bring your favorite music videos of​ your favorite artists anytime and anywhere .​
You can also load your favorite movies or​ your home movies as​ well .​
Take it​ with you to​ family reunions,​ parties and meeting up with long lost friends.
Need to​ have a​ bigger view? You can plug it​ into a​ television and see it​ in​ a​ bigger screen .​
With the​ right accessories,​ you can elevate the​ performance and capabilities of​ your iPod video .​
Hook it​ up with a​ special AV cable to​ your TV for a​ bigger view or​ you can hook it​ up in​ your car for battery charging and using the​ stereo system of​ your car .​
To listen to​ the​ audio of​ your movies better,​ you can plug them as​ well to​ a​ portable iPod speaker .​
Not only one person would be able to​ listen to​ the​ audio of​ your videos .​
The iPod video,​ a​ new evolution for Apples premiere product.

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