The Ipod Family

The Ipod Family

The Ipod Family
Apple is​ easily the​ most well known name in​ MP3 players or​ personal music players .​
The iPod has taken the​ music world by storm and each time a​ new one is​ released it​ seems to​ break all previous barriers .​
Initially,​ they were slightly larger than their counterparts but they were hard drive based and so held thousands and thousands of​ songs but with the​ introduction of​ the​ iPod Nano this soon became a​ thing of​ the​ past .​
The iPod Nano uses Flash based memory and so it​ is​ infinitely smaller .​
In fact,​ it​ is​ as​ thin as​ a​ pencil.
The iPod is​ popular for a​ reason though .​
As well as​ being durable and very advanced it​ features access to​ iTunes .​
ITunes is​ the​ Internet’s largest music store and allows iPod users to​ download tracks to​ their computer or​ to​ their MP3 player .​
ITunes has also become huge in​ terms of​ popularity.
The 2GB Nano allows the​ storage of​ up to​ around 500 songs,​ the​ 4GB Nano 1,​000 songs .​
They are both available in​ either black or​ white and despite their miniature size they are hardy and resistant to​ general wear and tear .​
With predictions that the​ next iPod to​ be released will be the​ video iPod,​ Apple once again look certain to​ take the​ portable media device to​ yet another level.
Buying an​ iPod now also requires buying into an​ iPod .​
Those who own them love them,​ but there are some that are skeptical due to​ its price being quite high compared to​ other MP3 players and the​ fact that they feel they are paying for the​ Apple brand .​
However,​ the​ iPod is​ an​ excellent personal audio player and you will have to​ go a​ long way to​ find one that is​ as​ good and offers a​ service similar to​ iTunes.

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