The Ipod Audio Revolution

The Ipod Audio Revolution
Do you know anyone who today doesn't know what an​ iPod is? Unless they've been asleep for the​ last ten years or​ are totally out of​ touch with today's technology,​ the​ answer is​ probably not.
But,​ in​ case you don't know,​ just be aware that the​ iPod,​ made by Apple (of Macintosh fame),​ is​ the​ absolute king of​ the​ MP3 market .​
Don't know what MP3 is? Well,​ that's for a​ seperate article .​
Speaking of​ articles,​ go check out more at​
The iPod is​ the​ most popular and successful portable digital music device in​ the​ world .​
Another way of​ explaining it​ is​ that he iPod is​ the​ Format for digital music,​ period .​
End of​ story .​
You can love the​ iPod or​ hate it,​ but it's hard to​ dispute the​ facts .​
And,​ or​ such a​ tiny device,​ Apple's iPod sure knows how to​ throw its weight around!
And,​ your iPod is​ about more than just music .​
Here are a​ few interesting things to​ know about an​ Ipod:
*The iPod is​ the​ latest educational tool
*Thanks to​ the​ emergence of​ the​ podcast,​ the​ iPod is​ a​ powerful tool that makes learning just about anything fun and more convenient to​ access
*The latest version of​ the​ iPod includes a​ video player feature
*The iPod is​ no where even close to​ being 'out of​ date'
*Moving your songs to​ the​ iPod is​ as​ easy as​ copy a​ file to​ a​ disk
*Although the​ iPod is​ an​ Apple product,​ it​ works with both Mac and Windows machines.
*The greatest advantage and disadvantage of​ an​ iPod is​ its small shape.
And there are many more features to​ mention.
Here is​ a​ surprising statistic that you may find of​ interest: Apple's iPod is​ turning 5 .​
That's right,​ the​ iPod's development dates back to​ 2001 .​
In that short time it​ has become such a​ huge success that some people have predicted that in​ the​ future Apple will be more of​ a​ music company than a​ computer company .​
Well,​ that remains to​ be seen,​ but it​ could happen.
But one thing is​ for sure,​ the​ iPod is​ still in​ the​ prime of​ its life and has many years ahead of​ it​ even without the​ upgrades and updates that are sure to​ come .​
Add the​ future improvements to​ the​ mix and we​ have a​ product that will be with us for many years to​ come .​
An iPod is​ many things to​ many people,​ but it​ can be much more than most people realize.
So,​ do you have your iPod yet? If not,​ be sure to​ do your homework and determing how you will use yours .​
There are other MP3 players out there,​ but if​ you are fashion-concious,​ the​ Ipod is​ your choice.
For many people,​ their iPod is​ a​ constant companion .​
Are you ready to​ jump on​ board?

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