The Ipod And The Auto Sound System

The Ipod And The Auto Sound System

The iPod and the​ Auto Sound System
The iPod story seems to​ be that of​ a​ charmed life .​
If you haven't taken a​ look around there are all kinds of​ devices and accessories that are created in​ order to​ use right along with the​ wildly popular and successful iPod product offered by Apple .​
In fact,​ I​ can't think of​ a​ better coup for Apple to​ have pulled off against the​ giant PC industry,​ even Microsoft's new product the​ Zune is​ having a​ great deal of​ difficulty even catching up to​ the​ sales that iPod seems to​ have no trouble garnering .​
The success is​ something that may define explanation but could have a​ great deal to​ do with the​ equally popular accessories and adornments that are made for each and every iPod product.
You might be wondering exactly what this has to​ do with auto sound systems but those are just another of​ the​ many great iPod accessories that can be found in​ the​ market place of​ today .​
Seriously! Even some car manufacturers are having upgrades that include iPod adapters that allow drivers to​ play music from their iPods through the​ tuning device on​ their auto sound systems .​
It almost seems too good to​ be true when you consider that you will not have to​ risk life and limb by fiddling with your iPod device when looking for that one obscure song somewhere on​ your list .​
There are other car stereo makers that have devices and adapters that read and play music from the​ iPod but you must use the​ actual iPod to​ make your selections and any changes .​
At any rate,​ when carmakers and stereo manufacturers such as​ Pioneer and Alpine are creating stereos that have the​ iPod in​ mind you can rest assured that it​ is​ a​ cultural phenomenon and not some fluke to​ be taken lightly.
In addition to​ auto sound systems you will find iDogs,​ iPets,​ iPod covers,​ iPod players (speakers and docking stations that you plug your iPod into in​ order to​ play without the​ headphones),​ iPod alarm clocks,​ and my personal favorite iBaby (this is​ a​ stroller made by Kolcraft that has an​ iPod,​ speakers,​ and adapter built in​ so that baby can hear his or​ her favorite tunes while being strolled about the​ town),​ or​ the​ iCrib (another nifty iPod device designed to​ keep baby pacified-hopefully this nifty gadgets are drool proof) .​
Needless to​ say there are times in​ life when it's all about the​ accessories and I​ have yet seen another maker of​ MP3 type devices hold a​ torch to​ iPod when it​ comes to​ offering options for buyers to​ personalize their music makers .​
If you are in​ the​ market for an​ auto sound system,​ chances are that you either already have an​ iPod or​ are seriously not opposed to​ the​ idea of​ owning one .​
If you either or​ both are in​ your near future I​ highly recommend you consider purchasing an​ auto sound system that will be completely compatible with your iPod system or​ any other MP3 type player you choose to​ use .​
I​ do believe however,​ that you will find better options designed with the​ iPod in​ mind as​ none of​ the​ other brands (thus far) have nearly the​ buyer base and purchasing power of​ iPod owners .​
No matter how you feel about it,​ all indications are that iPods are here to​ stay and you may as​ well jump on​ board when it​ comes to​ your auto sound system as​ well.

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