The Image Features Of The New Ipod Video

The Image Features Of The New Ipod Video

The image features of​ the​ new iPod video

Although the​ dimensions of​ the​ new iPod video are smaller,​ the​ display thinner,​ the​ screen dimensions are bigger and the​ image quality is​ better .​
These advantages are not the​ only ones as​ the​ new iPod video keeps more surprises regarding the​ image and the​ screen display .​
the​ large color screen and reduced dimensions of​ the​ video and audio device is​ the​ attractive point of​ the​ new iPod video .​
This aspect makes possible the​ explicit reading of​ the​ menu,​ of​ the​ options and possibilities as​ it​ has a​ bright,​ sharp text.

The screen quality of​ the​ new iPod video may be compared to​ the​ screen quality of​ any TV set and it​ may even become the​ winner of​ such a​ contest .​
Both the​ design of​ the​ new iPod and the​ video features are very well thought out and the​ most important aspect is​ that the​ resolution is​ up to​ 320x240 .​
The resolution quality is​ comparable to​ the​ quality of​ VHS video tape,​ being less than half that of​ a​ DVD .​
That is​ why the​ sunny weather,​ the​ too bright rooms are not a​ problem for watching the​ videos on​ the​ iPod video .​
These obstacles are great enemies of​ the​ previous handheld video devices of​ reduced dimensions and these do not matter anymore,​ especially when it​ is​ the​ case of​ the​ new iPod video.

The possibility of​ watching the​ favorite music video and Disney or​ Pixar video,​ the​ TV shows of​ films on​ the​ road,​ away from home was a​ matter of​ dreams not long time ago .​
And this dream is​ possible now due to​ the​ next step in​ video technology .​

Besides,​ the​ new iPod video has also some amazing options with the​ photo album because of​ great quality of​ the​ images .​
You may also rate your photos or​ create slideshows with your favorite ones so that your past empty moments may be filled with great memories .​
This fact is​ also due to​ the​ eliminated common obstacles (sunshine,​ bright indoors or​ outdoors) of​ watching videos on​ other different mini video devices .​
Another important aspect concerning the​ options of​ the​ iPod video is​ that it​ provides full-size thumbnails for photos.

Besides,​ the​ new iPod video can import digital photos directly from any type of​ camera or​ card reader .​
During this transfer,​ the​ thumbnails of​ the​ imported images are showed on​ the​ screen of​ the​ iPod .​
After the​ mentioned transfer,​ you may browse the​ imported pictures .​
Unfortunately,​ you cannot display the​ transferred pictures on​ the​ TV set.

The video image of​ the​ new iPod video is​ surprisingly clear,​ bright and sharp taking into account the​ size of​ the​ screen .​
Excellent music and video on​ the​ same handheld device is​ more than joyful news,​ having great advantages and well thought features .​

Although the​ battery longevity for watching the​ videos are only of​ 2 hours,​ the​ new video device has a​ great success and may be of​ great need for those who are very busy .​
This solution is​ ideal for spending the​ time on​ the​ train,​ bus or​ airplane,​ maybe waiting for them or​ simply having a​ break at​ the​ office .​
In the​ end,​ the​ new iPod video is​ a​ great music player with some features for playing video a​ little bit so that the​ time would pass more quickly .​

The combination of​ excellent image and sound is​ a​ very good achievement and a​ tempting offer for lovers of​ pocket devices to​ be in​ touch with music and other aspects of​ the​ contemporary life .​
These aspects of​ the​ new iPod video are especially preferred by the​ teenagers with their crazy lifestyle .​
Nevertheless,​ some adults may also like the​ high quality of​ the​ image,​ the​ options for the​ photo album and the​ slideshow .​
These aspects make the​ images,​ favorite videos and photos being easy to​ share with other people.

The best combination of​ high quality image and high quality sound is​ to​ be found in​ the​ new iPod video .​
Still,​ the​ novelty is​ represented by the​ video features on​ a​ handheld device that represent a​ step in​ the​ video technology.

The Image Features Of The New Ipod Video

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