The Head Turning Apple Ipod Nano

The Head Turning Apple iPod Nano
How cool would it​ be to​ have five days’ worth of​ your favorite music,​ if​ you’re someone who plays your favorite music 24/7,​ or​ 25,​000 of​ you favorite snapshots suspended from a​ chain around your neck on​ a​ black,​ or​ pink,​ or​ green,​ or​ silver,​ or​ blue device about the​ size of​ a​ playing card? Good looks,​ great listening,​ and a​ mammoth memory are the​ big selling points of​ the​ latest version of​ the​ rechargeable Apple iPod nano,​ which retails from between $149 and $249,​ depending on​ its memory capacity.
Features Of the​ Apple iPod Nano
The Apple iPod nano offers internal memory ranging from the​ five hundred song capacity 2GB to​ the​ two thousand-song capacity 8GB so that your 1.4 ounce MP3 companion will keep you dancin’ to​ its music for up to​ five days,​ if​ your downloaded song choices average four minutes or​ less .​
And that’s if​ your Apple iPod nano is​ never given any downtime.
Realistically assess how long it​ would take you to​ get through two thousand songs,​ and you may appreciate the​ amazing job Apple has done packing a​ ton of​ consumer value into a​ very small package! Not only that; Apple has made the​ process of​ navigating through two thousand songs a​ breeze with its proprietary click-wheeling interface .​
All this in​ a​ MP3 62% smaller than the​ iPod mini,​ and although there were a​ few sacrifices to​ its miniaturization,​ the​ improvements far outweigh them .​
Well,​ maybe not far,​ because the​ whole setup tips the​ scales at​ a​ mere 1.5 ounces.
Apple iPod Nano Colors
While the​ Apple iPod nano will not get you FM or​ allow voice recording,​ its dazzling color screen,​ outstanding sound ,​ and flash drive all make up for that slight shortcoming,​ and eliminate the​ possibility of​ a​ dead hard drive to​ boot .​
With five casing colors,​ up from the​ original white,​ and the​ black and white options of​ the​ Pod mini,​ the​ Apple iPod nano is​ designed to​ appeal to​ the​ fashion conscious runner; there are blue,​ pink,​ green,​ silver,​ and black nanos so you can coordinate with your running shoes .​
White did not make the​ final cut,​ perhaps because the​ original white iPod just got too grubby too quickly .​
For more info see on​ Ipod.
The Apple iPod nano has a​ line of​ accessories to​ meet any customization and function needs,​ and its lithium ion battery can provide music for twenty-four hours straight,​ with a​ fast cycle recharge getting it​ to​ 80% capacity in​ ninety minutes .​
a​ full charge will take three hours .​
You can also use the​ Apple iPod‘s amazing color display to​ exhibit a​ musically-accompanied show of​ you favorite photos for up to​ five hours.

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