The Good The Bad And The Ugly About Luxury Cars

The Good The Bad And The Ugly About Luxury Cars

If a​ $20,​000 car is​ what you got,​ then a​ $30,​000 car would be better and a​ $40,​000 car ideal,​ right? the​ answer to​ that is​ the​ one you all know and love: it​ depends.

The Good
Let’s start with the​ obvious: you’re movin on​ up and letting the​ world know it,​ whether or​ not it’s true. That means more respect,​ better valet treatment,​ more dates. Luckily,​ in​ most cases there’s some truth to​ back up the​ image. Despite the​ increasing availability of​ features on​ lower-end cars these days,​ luxury cars still live up to​ their name by offering materials that look and feel better (i.e. real wood in​ the​ dash,​ real aluminum instead of​ painted plastic),​ soft leather (instead of​ hard leather,​ or​ leather mixed with vinyl),​ better sound insulation – all standard. Luxury cars are also held to​ a​ higher standard of​ performance with more cylinders,​ better brakes and suspensions,​ and best of​ all,​ often trade up from plain front-wheel-drive layouts to​ rear-wheel-drive,​ making driving more interesting. Who wouldn’t want their commute to​ be cozier and more fun at​ the​ same time? as​ a​ bonus,​ the​ owning experience will likely be richer all the​ way through,​ thanks to​ more courteous sales/service and a​ longer warranty.

The Bad
That stuff costs money. Stepping up from a​ compact-sized car (say,​ a​ Mazda 3) to​ a​ like-sized luxury car (say,​ a​ BMW 3-series) takes a​ cool dozen grand. Worse,​ the​ increase grows exponential as​ you ascend in​ the​ range: from a​ Honda Accord to​ an​ Acura RL takes $25,​000,​ and from a​ Toyota Avalon to​ a​ BMW 750i takes an​ extra $40,​000. in​ other words,​ the​ cost of​ one big Bimmer is​ enough for two Avalons and change. And don’t forget maintenance costs; ever seen the​ price of​ BMW parts?

The Ugly
It used to​ just be a​ matter of​ swallowing the​ price and writing the​ check,​ but many luxury makes have felt the​ need to​ prove the​ worth of​ their cars by confusing the​ hell out of​ the​ drivers. First it​ was Mercedes’ COMAND. Then it​ was BMW’s iDrive – by far the​ worst of​ the​ bunch – and finally Audi’s MultiMedia Interface. to​ a​ lesser degree,​ heavy-handed electronics and interfaces have crept into Japanese,​ American,​ and British luxury cars as​ well. What good is​ that 14-speaker stereo if​ you have to​ stop and look up in​ the​ manual how to​ change the​ station? Some of​ these electronics have also proven to​ be quite troublesome,​ causing the​ average reliability rankings of​ their parent companies to​ nosedive. Nothing luxurious about that.

But if​ you have the​ patience and tolerance,​ the​ world’s best cars are waiting for you. at​ a​ price.

The Good The Bad And The Ugly About Luxury Cars

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