The Gift Of Add Gremlin Or Ipod

Through out the​ online ADD Community there is​ some what of​ an​ on​ going debate about whether ADD is​ a​ gift. ADD expert Edward Hallowell describes ADD as​ a​ gift that needs to​ be unwrapped. I like to​ think of​ ADD more like one of​ those gifts that I have unwrapped but just have no idea what to​ do with. It's also like one of​ those gifts that I didn’t ask for but somebody just felt the​ need to​ give to​ me.

ADD reminds me of​ the​ movie Gremlins. if​ I remember correctly Gizmo was a​ cute fun little guy but had to​ be cared for by following very specific directions. if​ those directions were not followed to​ the​ “T” all hell broke loose. I supposed the​ same could be said about a​ person with ADD. With proper care and feeding people with ADD can thrive. With out proper care and feeding the​ life of​ those with ADD can resemble the​ movie Gremlins.

Maybe ADD really is​ a​ gift that we​ didn’t ask for but have no choice but to​ keep. Maybe all we​ need is​ somebody who actually knows what to​ do with it​ and can teach us how to​ use it. Just think about a​ gift like an​ Ipod,​ if​ somebody didn’t know what it​ was or​ how to​ use,​ it​ would just seem like a​ weird piece of​ metal. However once somebody explains what it’s for and all of​ the​ uses it​ becomes so much more.

I’m not saying that ADD is​ really truly like a​ Gremlin or​ an​ iPod but there are some similarities to​ both of​ them. I guess depending on​ what each person does to​ manage his or​ her own ADD,​ he or​ she can compare it​ to​ another type of​ gift too.

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